For a refreshed mind, take a bite of Baked by Jernest’s Peach and Mango Pie Cheesecake!

Agent K once said, “We need pie.” and we couldn’t agree more! He said his granddaddy used to say if you got problems you can’t solve, pie will help you get out of your head; plus it is good. Yes, we are indeed quoting from the movie Men in Black 3 and we are not ashamed.

Do you know what else we are not ashamed of? Of course, you don’t, so here we are about to tell you: We finished a whole pie — well, tehcnically it is a pie cheesecake, but whatever — in one sitting and, boy, we want another round!

Baked by Jernest’s newest creation is none other than Peach and Mango Pie Cheesecake and we are all heart eyes for it. We can’t decide which is the better way to eat it as there are two delectable ways to go about it, but those are not the point.

The point is days have left us alone with our thoughts and sometimes it is getting harder to silence all of it, and we could just almost hear Agent K’s voice saying how pie will help us get out of our heads, so we found ourselves indulging in this decadent of a treat. This Peach and Mango Pie Cheesecake is an absolute delight as its fruity top goes well with its delectable body and flaky crust!

And if you are curious about the two ways to eat it, don’t fret because we are to tell you about those, too. If you want it oozing like a lava that is of a cheesecake filling, then eat it freshly baked. However, if you want it with more of a hold, then let it set for two hours first and then dig right into it.

This Peach and Mango Pie Cheesecake from Baked by Jernest undeniably has helped us take our well deserved break, so if you want some kind of a clear mind while enjoying something yummy, then you better check out Baked by Jernest’s Facebook and Instagram pages for more details.

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