For all things sweet and savory, your new go-to should be Casa 1549 Bakery

Casa 1549 Bakery is known for their yummy pastries such as Crinkles, Pan de Bites, and Pan de Coco. These goodies have saved some of their customers’ down days and that is no surprise. However, sweets are not the only ones you could enjoy from Casa 1549 Bakery, because they also have some savories for you to love up and those are their Sushi Bakes.

Casa 1549 Bakery’s Sushi Bakes come in four tasty variants, but what we got to try was their Unagi × Kani Sushi Bake (Regular 8×8; 3 to 5 pax for Php 2000). This one is a filling tray of generous unagi slices, delicious kani, tobiko, special homemade teriyaki sauce, and 2 nori packs. You can also have this in spicy, just add Php 100.

Digging into this, we can’t help but remember how Ross Geller would say that Unagi is a state of mind and that it will help you stay alert in times of danger. It’s funny and ironic really, because days are going faster and everything may seem back to normal because of the new normal thing, but we all know that it is still dangerous for us to go out and treat everyday like how it was before the pandemic. However, having this Unagi × Kani Sushi Bake by Casa 1549 Bakery has helped in calming our nerves and has reminded us to take everything slowly, because taking everything all at once could be overwhelming.

Anyway, we have mentioned earlier that Casa 1549 Bakery’s Sushi Bakes come in four variants and if you are curious about the three others, then those are Salmon × Kani Sushi Bake, Salmon Unagi × Kani, and Unagi × Hass Avo.

Find out more of what Casa 1549 Bakery has to offer by checking their Facebook and Instagram Pages. You can also contact them at 09163715112 to order.

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