For burgers grilled and flamed with lava rocks, check out Brothers Burger!

With the rise of burger brands recently, Brothers Burger continues to wow people with their own flavor, own recipe, and own creation, not only when it comes to the games of burgers, but to the whole experience of dining with them, especially!

Started by the Jose Brothers in the year 1999 with the aim to share their love for not only juicy, but delicious and definitely satisfying burgers, Brothers Burger was born out of passion with their first branch being in Ortigas.

Continuously dressing, cooking, and serving drool-worthy burgers made from only the freshest and purest prime choice imported beef, Brothers Burger is even bringing their service to the next level as they now have more than just burgers.

Let’s start by just teasing our tastebuds. Their Steak Quesadilla (Php 200) and Chicken Quesadilla (Php 185), alongside their Chilidog (Php 180) and Snapdog (Php 130) with mushroom and cheese, are just a booster of what really is yummily waiting for you at Brothers Burger. Nonetheless, all this will surely turn your tummy from hungry to happy.

Honey Sriracha Chicken Wings (Php 225)
House BBQ Chicken Wings (Php 225)
Soy & Pepper Chicken Wings (Php 225)
Korean BBQ Chicken Wings (Php 225)

For more reasons to make your tummy giddy, better grab yourself some tasty chicken wings! Comes in different saucy flavors to delight in, do not miss out on their House BBQ Chicken Wings (Php 225), their Soy & Pepper Chicken Wings (Php 225), their Honey Sriracha Chicken Wings (Php 225), and their Korean BBQ Chicken Wings (Php 225). Whatever variant or variants you decide to get, you still will end up winning.

And now, to find out what made Brothers Burger into what they are now, of course, we got to have some of their burgers! Their Chori Burger (Php 199) and Zumo Chicken Sandwich (Php 225) will either have your cravings fixed or even more heightened, so if you feel like you can have more, know that you can customize your own burger, like add more toppings into it just how we did with their Double Brothers Burger (Php 260) which we added double cheese into hence doubling the fun and their Buffalo Chicken Sandwich (Php 225) which we added blue cheese and sriracha for that extra flavor and extra kick! For more extra goodness, do not hesitate to order up their sides such as their Onion Rings (Php 80).

As mentioned, Brothers Burger has broaden their offering as they now do not only have mouthwatering burgers to choose from, but a whole lot of other dishes as well such as this new, budget-friendly addition of theirs – Super Bowls! Starting with Php 75, you will be able to load yourself up with different rice bowls such as Crispy Fish, Gourmet Chicken Crunch, Beef & Mushroom, Bacon with Egg, and Chicken Poppers!

After filling yourself up with loads of delights, better drink up their oh so sumptuous milkshakes which comes in Chocolate (Php 120), Hazelnut (Php 120), and Strawberry (Php 120) – just the perfect cool beverage that would have you zinging with energy for the day. Other than milkshakes, they also have launched their Milktea which we all know is loved by many.

No doubt, Brothers Burger have expanded and grown more into what their initial plan is, but of course, they never forget their roots, all the while continuing to serve more and more people, being more inclusive of what the people are on the lookout for which are unforgettable items that you would keep wanting to come back to.

With that, for your upcoming event or party, why not reach Borthers Burger? They could certainly cater you as they can bring a food truck in your event, making people feel more cozy and comfy with their feel-good, feel-at-home range of delectables!

Not only that, Brothers Burger also has a secret menu in which people who are on keto diet can really appreciate as they can take pleasure in Brothers Burger’s Lettuce Wrap! Meanwhile, for people who really have a huge appetite, what is great is their combo meals or their Grab, Great, Grub which is a complete meal in a box with burger, side, drink, and even dessert!

Lastly, if you are a loyal Brothers Burger fan who have tried eating almost in all of their 8 branches, you should know that you could avail their Loyalty Rewards wherein you can stock up points that can be exchanged to burgers every time you purchase. For every Php 25, you get a point!

Featured Brother’s Burgers Branch: Highstreet, BGC, Taguig City

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