For Meaty and Heavy, Go for Ricky D’s Chorizo de Cebu & Longganisa

Filipinos truly are fans of heavy breakfast. After all, Filipinos are mostly of middle-class men and women who need to put food on their tables, day in and day out, so a heavy breakfast meal for them is a must so as to load them up with the energy they need for a day’s worth of work and sometimes, manual labor. That’s not the only case, though; other Filipinos are just really down for a filling meal as they have a huge appetite to satisfy. Either way, a heavy breakfast filled with, most of the time, rice, eggs, and a meaty viand is what a Pinoy’s go-to is.

That being said, Pinoys are really big on meat and if you are big on that, too, then hold onto your horses, because here comes Ricky D’s Chorizo de Cebu & Longganisa!

Ricky D’s Chorizo de Cebu & Longganisa is committed to providing not only a convenient food service, but also an enjoyable one. Aside from serving the finest quality meat from different provinces around the Philippines, they also have their own special meals ready to cater whatever craving you are having – one of which is your heavy and meaty breakfast craving!

Famous for their Chorizo De Cebu, of course we are not to back down from that. What we had was their Chorizo de Cebu Balls Original (Bite Size) and this one comes in a Dozen (Php 60), 5 Dozens (Php 300), 10 Dozens (Php 550), and 20 Dozens (Php 1100). Truly, there is something for you regardless how big your mood for good food is.

Also, their Chorizo de Cebu comes in two sizes which are Balls and Medium, as well as in two flavors which are Spicy and Original.

Other than that, we also got to have their Skinless Chorizo de Cebu Original which comes in a Pack of 5 Pieces (Php 50), 5 Packs (Php 250), 10 Packs (Php 450), and 20 Packs (Php 900). Much like the Chorizo de Cebu Balls, this one also has a Spicy variant for spicy lovers out there.

Ricky D’s Chorizo de Cebu has so much more to offer as they also have a variance of Longganisa and even an array of sumptuous Steak on their menu. Check out what you could grab from them online as they are available on both Instagram and Facebook.

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