For the love of cheese and everything scrumptious: Mozzaria is serving you brick oven pizza, pasta, burger, dessert, and so much more!

With a name that sounds like everything is all about cheese, everything is being slathered in cheese, this Italian-with-a-twist restaurant in Brittany Square is definitely something to look forward to. Recently opened just a few weeks back, Mozzaria welcomes its growing diners with open arms, offering brick oven pasta, pizza, burgers, desserts and more.


Mozzaria has a huge kitchen from which you can watch your dishes being prepared from scratch. Aside from that, being in Mozzaria will make you feel more than just at home with their lovely, cute, welcoming space, colorful chairs, wooden tables, and a swing – basically, their fun interiors is already an enjoyment, what more when it comes to their food, right? Well, let’s start digging in to find out!




Starting with not just one, not even two, but three appetizers to tease our taste buds, Mozzaria served us their delightful Buffalo Wings, delectable Nachos and enlivened Chili Logs.


The Buffalo Wings (Php 230) are tender chicken wings tossed in Mozzaria’s very own special buffalo sauce and served together with their house mayo. This dish is surely bursting with flavors and dipping it in their house mayo brings the dish to a whole new yummy level.


Following that with Mozzaria’s Nachos (Php 265) which are nacho chips served on a round wooden pizza plate so each and every chip has definitely been smothered with chili con carne, tomato salsa, black olives, and mozza cheese!


While their Chili Logs (Php 180), which is Mozza’s take on chili fingers, are filled with chili con carne, mozza cheese, and served with tomato salsa and house mayo. The chilli log itself is already a tasty, crunchy adventure, and so dipping it in the tomato salsa and/or in the house mayo makes it even better.

After having some appetizers, what we had next are two of Mozzaria’s delicious pasta dishes which are Frutti di Mare and Carbonara ala Sabeena.


The Frutti di Mare (Php 295) is hands down a favorite as the pasta noodles are tossed together with plump, fresh seafood in a wonderful pomodoro sauce making this pasta dish oozing with flavors that reminds us of the bright sunshine which puts a smile on our faces.


This next pasta dish is a plate of yummy creamy goodness called Carbonara ala Sabeena (Php 255) which is pasta tossed with bacon in cream sauce. We don’t know about you but we are all fans of meat and bacon is one of our go-to munch-on-meat so this one is truly hard to beat!

As Moazzaria is of an Italian-with-a-twist restaurant, of course it would be a crime to not try their pizza dishes, brick oven pizza dishes at that!


The first pizza dish recommended and served to us by Chef Redj Baron Saguin is actually a favorite of his; the Mozza Pizza (Php 350) is a thin crust pizza that is slathered with pomodoro sauce and topped with bacon, sausage, pepperoni, bell pepper, onions, and of course, mozza cheese!



Next is another Chef favorite; the Blonde Pizza (Php 260) and we know what they say about blondes, right? They have more fun. In this case, the fun they are pertaining to is that kids totally love this pizza variant as it is made with classic white sauce together with mozza cheese so that fun cheese pull is certainly irresistible.


Each Mozzaria Pizza is of 12 inches and served with pesto and pomodoro sauces because the way to actually eat and enjoy each slice of it is to #FOLDandDIP it!

Aside from that, if you are feeling like a chef, Mozzaria can help you make your own pizza where you will literally be the one to make and cook your own pizza. Just tell it to the  Chef and they will assist you in making the best pizza you can make!

We are done with appetizers, pasta, and pizza, so afterwards, what we had are two of Mozzaria’s meatastic Burgers that do not only look enticing, but definitely taste delicious and satisfying as well!


First off, if Mozzaria has Mozza Pizza, of course they also have the Mozza Burger (Php 255). This buger variant is a signature burger of theirs that is packed with patty, lettuce, salsa, chili con carne, and mozza cheese.


Followed by The Godfather (Php 270) which is said to be the real man’s burger! Having not only a patty, but also sausage, bacon, lettuce, tomato, onion, house mayo, and mozza cheese, this burger variant is no doubt a meaty bomb to drop!


With all those spicy, savory, meaty dishes we have eaten, the next and last dish we had is hands down more than the cherry on top, so to speak. Mozzaria’s S’mores (Php 155) will totally make you do that dreamy sigh as this one is chocolate pie topped with giant mallows and crushed graham, and drizzled with chocolate syrup! Indeed, a favorite of ours and a reason to come back.


After having that splendid dinner here at Mozzaria, we could say that this newly opened restaurant is undeniably one you have to visit, especially if you are up for some exquisite food, great service, and superb times!

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