For the love of Filipino, Bench Café brings you different trademark dishes all over the Philippines under one roof

In sports terms, being benched out is totally not a good thing, but if it means having to hang out at Bench Cafe, then count us in because we are down! Bench Café have been serving delectable dishes that are a fusion of Filipino and Filipino. Wait up, we know you might have just gone: “Fusion of Filipino and Filipino? What the hedgehog does that even mean?”, and we get you, but hold your grammar police self in place because it is just a wordplay of bringing in traditions from all over the islands to create a bold character that is undeniably distinct.

Staying true to its core which is highlighting its local flavors, Bench Café, through its wide food offering, tells stories of our past, present, and future. With this, not only do they make local traditions accessible to local Filipinos, but also to Filipinos at heart.

Sisig Lettuce Cup (Php 229)

And in celebrating our much loved traditions, you would definitely enjoy starting with an appetizer of theirs that is a Chef’s favorite. The Sisig Lettuce Cup (Php 229) is a serving of crispy pork sisig served in a lettuce cup with calamansi foam and utak aioli.

Inasal Liempo (Php 299)
Bagnet Kare Kare (Php 339)

Follow that with a few of their glamourized take on the Pinoy turo-turo experience which they call Bench-To. Each Bench-To dish comes with vegetables, bench salsa, atsara, and steamed ifugao rice. That being said, better try out their sumptuous Inasal Liempo (Php 299) which is their take on the Visayan grilled liempo as well as their crowd favorite Bagnet Kare Kare (Php 339) which is crispy bagnet in homemade peanut sauce.

Beef Kaldereta (Php 480)
Chicken & Pork Adobo sa Gata (Php 345)

Surely, those meaty dishes will have you craving for more. Do not fret because Bench Café has some meaty mains for you as well such as the Beef Kaldereta (Php 480) which is of tomato braised beef brisket with bellpepper and potato finished with liver pate and cheddar cheese and the Chicken & Pork Adobo sa Gata (Php 345) which is chicken and pork in toyo, vinegar, bay leaf, and coconut cream.

Dancing Fish (Php 350)

From having meatastic meals, dive deep into some luscious seafood dishes by Bench Cafe such as their Dancing Fish (Php 350) that is of crispy butterfly tilapia in your choice of sauce which are plum sauce (serwelas), escabeche, and bench salsa. We got to try the Escabeche and it was indeed lip-smacking good!

After having a fill of their Dancing Fish, we got to have their Sugpo sa Talangka (Php 480) which is a rich plate of succulent prawns grilled with crab fat mayonnaise. Certainly, this is one of the highlight dishes we would come back for!

Other than some appetizers and a bunch of mains, Bench Café also has a yummy offering of All Day Merienda such as their oh so goodie Pancit Guisado (Php 229) which is a plate of stir fry noodles with meat, shrimp, and vegetables.

Flan B (Php 155)

Of course, this won’t be a complete delightful meal without having a sweet kiss to end. Their Flan B (Php 155) is of baked caramelized custard with macapuno and it truly is thick, creamy, and just downright lovely!

Banana Cue (Php 20)

And when you are feeling like you want to have more classics, go bananas with their Classic Turon Ala Mode (Php 49) which is of crispy fried banana with caramelized brown sugar topped with ube ice cream and their Banana Cue (Php 20) which is sugar coated saging na saba with tsoknut sauce (add Php 10).

Ginumis (12oz Php 80 | 16oz Php 119)
Ube Halo Halo (12oz Php 95 | 16oz Php 149
White Halo Halo (12oz Php 85 | 16oz Php 129)

Lastly, to survive and enjoy the heat this summer have somme ice-cold desserts of Bench Café such as their Ube Halo Halo (12oz Php 95 | 16oz Php 149) which is of coconut shaved ice, garbanzos, caramelized banana, leche flan, ube halaya, palm beans, nata de coco, and coconut ice cream or their White Halo Halo (12oz Php 85 | 16oz Php 129) which is of coconut shaved ice with macapuno, garbanzos, caramelized banana, leche flan, nata de coco, and coconut ice cream, or their Ginumis (12oz Php 80 | 16oz Php 119) which is of panucha shaved ice with sago, jelly, and coconut cream.

No doubt, Bench Café is such a homage to the filipino cuisine and tradition. Each element of every dish has been well thought of that diners have thought of coming back already even though they are still sitting and enjoying their choice of Bench Café dish.

Plus, with elegant and spacious dining place, there is no denying that everyone would really have a great time here, so what are you waiting for? Ready your palate because you are in for a scrumptious ride with one of the greats, Bench Café.

Featured Branch: Greenbelt 3, Makati City

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