Forest Wood Garden by Kusinero de Bukid: Get a taste of what you are missing out on

When dining, there’s nothing more fresh than a farm-to-table experience, don’t you agree? And with a name Forest Wood Garden, you would expect to have that kind of experience, so expect all you want, because that’s exactly what you would be able to have! You can even cook your own order if you feel like it. Regardless, you sure will have what you want to have with Forest Wood Garden!

Forest Wood Garden is a farm that utilizes resource-based management, that is why they get all their resources from their farm, so everything is organic, natural, and flavored with love! The owner of this unique dining place really has a passion for cooking. As a farmer himself, Kusinero de Bukid used to gather his friends and cook for them, until he and his family decided to open a restaurant which is now known as Forest Wood Garden, serving healthy and tasty delicacies that are not the usual dishes people get to see in the Metro. As suckers of food, even unique ones that never have we heard of and tried, of course, we won’t be going back to Manila without eating here at one of San Pablo, Laguna’s gems.

First off is an easy love as this one is their Steamed Tilapia ng San Pablo. The name of the dish is exactly what it is and it sure was flavorful and fresh – no doubt about that.

Next to that is what they call the Tinaktak na Longganisa. This one is of native ground pork cooked inside a specific bamboo called Pink Bamboo. This one is pure meat, as they do their best to remove the fatty part as well as the skin, for a real meaty experience, while the pink bamboo has medicinal value in it which sticks to the ground pork while the dish is in the process of cooking it.

After having a meaty dish, we jumped into something that is of veggies. Their Pancit Kalabuko is such a favorite we just could not get enough of! This innovative twist on pancit is something amazing, especially as this one is made with squash, coconut, papaya, as well as mushroom noodles!

For a sweet treat to end, their Plantsado Laman Lupa might give you the wrong idea with its name, but fret not, because this one is of shredded root crop and cooked using the old-fashioned coal iron. This sticky sweet treat is similar to the Ilocano delicacy called Tupig.

Flowers used for Palabughaw

As a bonus, don’t forget to try out their tea called Palabughaw. This one is a flower they steep in hot water until it gives off that blue color, almost nearing violet. This one is said to be good for people’s digestive system as well as reproductive system.

Forest Wood Garden also has seasonal offerings, especially when it comes to their fruit juices like Rambutan and Passionfruit, so you better check out what fruits are in season when you get the chance to visit them in San Pablo, Laguna, a’right? You can also buy fresh-picked fruits from them like we did!

Currently, Forest Wood Garden actually has two branches. Their main one is open for reservation, while their full blown restaurant is operating in the city, so if you want a more intimate take in nature, you better book your meal time in the main branch, got it?

Fresh Bamboo Straws

Being they are a farm, they actually also offer day tour or even night stays if you are up for spending a night inside a tent. They also offer a bunch of different nature-related activities like planting and riding a balsa, because people should be aware and really be taking care of the environment. And yes, that’s right, they also offer Bamboo Straws and even got an Edible Straw for you to really live that #ZeroWaste kind of living!

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Featured Branch: Forest Wood Garden – Main Branch

Address: Brangay Sta. Elena, San Pablo City, 4000 Laguna

Contact Number: 0939 938 7131

Hours of Operation: Main Branch – By booking

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