Fortune Hongkong Seafood Restaurant: One of the best place to satisfy your Chinese Food cravings

Whenever you take on a small vacation outside of Manila, it’s fairly easy to get lost in your food choices. Maybe you’d like to binge on your favorite comfort food? A course of European for that extra classy feel? Or even Mediterranean for your adventure-seeking palate? How about Chinese? I’m sure everyone has experienced the drool-worthy taste that you can only ever get from good Chinese food.

If ever you’re in the majestic municipality of Subic, then we at What To Eat PH highly suggest you drop by the Fortune Seafood Hong Kong Restaurant!

The restaurant offers a unique and homey Chinese interior complete with a strong 250-person seating capacity. They even offer private rooms for a more personal dining experience and a function hall on the 2nd floor with 300-person capacity, perfect for your reception needs.

Entering the premises immediately gave our tummies a good churning with all the intense and savory aroma wafting through the air. What’s even more amazing is that they provide you superb and tailored service with your own personal waiter giving you the best food suggestions. Word of advice: it only makes you hungrier after this point.

We were fortunate enough to talk to head chef Alex Kong, a true blue Cantonese chef who brought every ounce of Chinese authenticity goodness your tongue can only dream of. We asked him to surprise us and dish out all their famed dishes and boy did we give our appetite a feast!

DSC_5818Peking Duck in Mumu Wrapper – Chinese food is not Chinese without Duck – and Fortune did not fail to deliver. The slowly-roasted duck was dressed right in front of us, each treat neatly wrapped in thin and super soft mumu wrapper, with sliced cucumbers and spring onions in between for a fresher taste. It comes with a house-blend sauce that’s light on the tongue and makes you grab another piece before you even finish the other one.


Fried Spare Ribs in Salt and Pepper – Spare Ribs are usually served in heavy sauces but Fortune definitely dropped a surprise box with this one: light and soft, the spare ribs are unique in such a way that it does not overwhelm your taste buds to make way for the succeeding dishes. The dusting of salt and pepper elevated the dish in such a way that you will literally lick your fingers and ask for more of this clean-tasting dish.


Rock Lobster with Noodles in Special Soup – Noodles and Lobster. Do we even need to say more? The Rock Lobster’s unique heavy taste mixed well with the equally savory soup. Each bite makes you forget that you need more room for the next dishes!


Mini T-Bone in Japanese Sauce – This place truly surprised us with its flexibility to serve dishes in and out of its theme. The dish is generously cooked in authentic Japanese-blend sauce that makes it pair perfectly with the tender T-bone steak cut generously.



Signature Fortune Crab Dish – Taking their pride in the vast selection of seafood choices, Chef Alex decided to treat us with their signature crab dish. We were told that this is the basic and plain steamed crab in garlic and select spices but don’t let that fool you: this is probably the cherry on top for all the dishes we tasted thus far! The crabs are enormous and are served in bite-size pieces and yes we couldn’t resist the urge to dig our hands through this beauty. The tender meat and strong garlicky taste isn’t what would you expect from a regular Chinese crab dish but rest assured that it’s better in all ways – we were kind of fighting on who was supposed to get the last piece though.


Fresh Scallops on Dragonfruit Sauce – Now this, is a masterpiece. We at W2EPH were given the chance to try out this new dish from Chef Alex himself. Fresh scallops are doused with sweet and tangy Dragonfruit sauce, the experience making you wish you would’ve eaten this first! The tender scallops and the dragonfruit pieces give a well-rounded texture, making you order that next plate without having to think twice.

Conveniently enough, the restaurant is located at Subic’s first international-tier hotel, the Best Western PLUS Subic (you can definitely hit two bullseye marks with a stay).

Authenticity. When you think of Chinese food, authenticity is, first and foremost, the sole metric that actually matters. Fortune Seafood Hong Kong Restaurant is without a doubt authentic ad we give it our much-desired What To eat PH seal of approval! Hit us up with your Fortune dish choices when you decide to visit!

Follow Fortune on their Facebook page below.

Facebook: Fortune Hongkong Seafood Restaurant – Subic

Address: 727 Dewey Ave, Olongapo, 2200 Zambales

Contact Number: (047) 250 3290

Hours of Operation: Mondays to Sundays, 11AM to 10PM



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