Four Meaty Options to Dig Into from Eastwood Richmonde Hotel

Eastwood Richmonde Hotel has made some yummy new additions to their already delicious selection, so here we are telling you all about it. If you are looking for something to treat your loved ones with or perhaps you just simply want to take yourself on a special date at home, Eastwood Richmonde Hotel is here to help you achieve those goals!

1) Meaty Treats

Their US Beef Belly Kebabs, Australian Wagyu Striploin, and Smoked Pork Belly are a few meaty delights to get you started and amped up on the oh-so-meaty adventure that awaits you at Eastwood Richmonde Hotel. These three nomnoms are perfect for both quick bites and luscious eat outs.

2) DIY Steak Kit

Be the chef that you have been dreaming to be with this special offering of Eastwood Richmonde Hotel! Their DIY Steak Kit includes 250G Butter Aged US Rib Eye, vacuum sealed with garlic and fresh herbs; 500g Truffle Mashed Potato, vacuum sealed; 400g french beans and shitake mushrooms in lemon oil, vacuum sealed; Sea salt in tubs: nori salt, chili salt, rosemary salt; Pettite wine bottle; Nama dark chocolate truffle; 1 red rose; and QR for cooking instructions.

Eastwood Richmonde Hotel made sure that everything you need for a splendid steak night would be here, so yes, go on and block that date on your calendar!

3) Ala Carte Specials

Of course, having a lovely and filling meal does not always mean having a lot on the table, so if you have not that much of a big mood for food, these Ala Carte Specials by Eastwood Richmonde Hotel are perfect for you! Their Baked Bass is a sumptuous fish option to take while their Sticky Ribs which you can get as as Whole Rack or a Half Rack is an exquisite heavy choice too!

4) Black Box

Eastwood Richmonde Hotel has taken their deliveries up a notch with their Black Boxes which ensures that your food will still be hot when it arrives to you. Currently, Eastwood Richmonde Hotel has Block Boxes that are of K-Fever, Italian Job, Exotic Indian, as well as Pinoy. Each Black Box category has different dishes that are of their corresponding cuisines.

Know more about these meaty options of Eastwood Richmonde Hotel and their other products like Hotbox Platters and Hotbox Bentos by checking out their Social Media Pages which are Facebook and Instagram. You can also find out more about them through their Website.

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