Four Things We Currently Love at McDonald’s

McDonald’s has been one of our favorite fast food chains since time immemorial. Who would not like their signature fries, oreo McFlurry, and their to-die-for nuggets?



McDo has provided us a lot of good things this 2017 such as the comeback of the well-loved Twister fries, and the equally delicious Shake Shake fries. They also shared their secret menu to us which made all burger lovers rejoice. And lastly, they granted our wishes to have 20-pcs chicken nuggets in a box!



The giant fast food chain has no plans of stopping in providing us surprises. So we’ve listed down four things we currently love at McDonald’s.

  1. Their McShare Box.

This Christmas season, McDo is giving us bundles which are perfect for celebrations. Their McShare box promo is good for 3-4 people which includes their signature fried chicken, nuggets, and BFF fries. It also comes with rice and drinks! Complete meal, yes?



  1. Sansrival and Oreo-Matcha McFlurry.

We all love their classic Oreo McFlurry but we totally love these new flavors! Sansrival McFlurry is a must for sweets-lovers! It has a rich texture and solid Sansrival taste. The matcha-flavored McFlurry is also something that we’ll keep ordering. Being a fan of anything matcha, this is a great addition to McDonald’s dessert list.


  1. Sweet Soy Chicken Fillet.

Just recently, McDo introduced their newest item, the Sweet Soy Chicken Fillet. It’s their classic chicken fillet topped with sweetened garlic sauce. Our verdict: we totally liked it! It’s sweet and savory. It’s like a huge chicken nugget with sauce on top!


  1. McDonald’s interiors.

We recently visited their branch at Frontera Verde in Pasig and we totally loved its new look! It transformed to a fast casual restaurant in our opinion! We’re expecting more branches to be designed this way. Kudos McDo!


With all these new offerings by McDo, #KitaKitsUlit with friends and loved ones will never be the same. See you soon?




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