Fourleg Restaurant has big burgers for your big appetite

Guess who got themselves a bunch of burgers lately! You are right, it’s us! We do love a good burger. We think burgers are more than just a leveled up sandwich. It’s a full meal already, especially because the burgers we are talking about are from Fourleg Restaurant!

Our cravings for some filling burgers hit us strong, so it’s a good thing that that’s Fourleg Restaurant’s specialty, alongside some chicken wings! With Fourleg Restaurant, we were sure that we will be enjoying a number of tasty flame-grilled burgers with patties that are made with 100% beef, no fillers, no extenders, and definitely, no preservatives! Truly, drool-worthy and satisfying!

With that, we started with three of their absolutely beefy burgers — the Classic Burger, the Big-Leg Burger, and the Bacon Cheese Burger. The Classic Burger (Php 230) is of an all-beef patty, fresh tomato, lettuce, caramelized/grilled onions, cheese, and secret sauce; the Big-Leg Burger (Php 290) is is like the Classic Burger, but has twice the thick patty; and the Bacon Cheese Burger (Php 270) is also like the Classic Burger, but made meatier with bacon. All these burgers are served with fries on the side, making them even more filling than they already are.

Aside from those beefy burgers that we can’t stop thinking about, Four Leg Restaurant also has some chicken burger choices up for grabs — the Four Leg Chicken Burger and the Buffalo Chicken Burger. The Four Leg Chicken Burger (Php 190) is of chicken fillet, fresh tomato, cheesy coleslaw, and secret sauce; while the Buffalo Chicken Burger (Php 240) is of buffalo chicken fillet, fresh tomato, lettuce, caramelized/grilled onion, blue cheese sauce, secret sauce, and on-the-side pickles. These chicken burger options come with some delectable fries too!

These heavy burgers by Fourleg Restaurant are certainly satisfying, but Fourleg Restaurant could make each burger even more filling, because they have Extras that can be added to the burger — Burger Sauce (Php 20), All-Beef Patty (Php 90), Cheese (Php 30), Double Bacon (Php 50), and Pickles (Php 25). Also, as we have mentioned, they also have some yummy Chicken Wings on their menu.

Check out more of Fourleg Retaurant and their products by visiting their Facebook, Instagram, and Website. For inquiries, you can send them a message or reach them at 09953549901.

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