French Comfort Food & More: Baker J promises a selection you could eat wherever you are!

Do freshly-baked breads, delectable desserts, savory sandwiches, decadent cakes sound good to you? How about sumptuous mains, delicious and aromatic coffees, and reinvigorating beverages? All sounds so good to indulge in today, right? Well, no need to wonder and drool about them any longer, because Baker J got that all covered.

Baker J is an all-day dining restaurant ready to serve you from 6AM to 9PM everyday through dine-in, pick-up, and yes, delivery. Their menu is mostly of French comfort food that could be eaten everyday wherever you may be. Indeed, their luscious choices will bring you more than comfort and satisfaction in every bite, so we won’t have you waiting and just go ramble on about the food that you could definitely devour in a matter of minutes or savor in a couple of hours.

To begin, Baker J’s Smoked Salmon Eggs Benedict (Php 350) which is a plate of poached egg, smoked salmon, spinach, hollandaise sauce, and English muffin; as well as their Spicy Beef and Lamb Sausage Shakshouka (Php 380) which is a splendid serving of homemade spicy beef and lamb sausage, tomato, bell pepper, onion, and eggs are perfect! These dishes will truly put a flavorful light to your day.

Other than those two, you could also start with either of their Barley Salad (Php 300) which is refreshing bowl of goat cheese, mushroom, baby spinach, pomelo, red cabbage, avocado with honey citrus vinaigrette; or their French Onion (Php 300) which is a tasty and hot bowl of caramelized onion soup and gruyere cheese croutons. These two dishes would add lovely tones of freshness and warmth in every mouthful, so you better be ready for those!

If you are here for their savory sandwiches, though, then say hello to not one, not two, but three scrumptious choices! Their Croque Monsieur (Php 450) which is of homemade cooked ham, bechamel sauce, gruyere cheese, and country sourdough; their Smoked Salmon Tartine (Php 400) which is of avocado, caper berries, lemon segment, baby spinach, and goat cheese; and their Jambon-Fromage Tartine (Php 350) which is of comte cheese, bayonne ham, cornichons, olives, Dijon mustard, and wild rocket are all exquisite sandwiches that you won’t be able to resist.

Speaking of more irresistible dishes to go for at Baker J, their Coq Au Vin (Php 480) which is a lovely serving of homemade tagliatelle pasta, native chicken stew with red wine sauce; their Pan Seared Salmon Steak (Php 520) that comes with ratatouille; and their Steak Au Poivre (Php 700) which has mashed potato and buttered French beans on the side are absolutely mouth-watering and filling! Every spoonful of each of these dishes will really have you wishing for more.

Of course, to make your dining experience with Baker J even more fun and memorable, do not dare miss out on their wide selection of drinks, because they got your back from juices to cocktails! Their Watermelon Splash (Php 100) and Cucumber Mint Cooler (Php 100) could sure beat the heat while their Dark Chocolate Chip Frappe (Php 220) and Matcha Strawberry Frappe (Php 240) could also do that while giving you your much needed energy boost.

Besides those, you can also enjoy some gorgeous and yummy warm cups of goodness by going for Baker J’s Rose Latte (Php 190), Strawberry Vanilla Latte (Php 190), as well as Hot Chocolate (Php 160) which is made of Auro chocolate. These ones sure are aromatic and will have you sipping non-stop until its very last drop.

Last, but definitely not the least, cap off your dining experience with Baker J in a more exciting note by going for their mocktails and cocktails. Their Berry Rose (Php 210) is a cool glass of espresso, rosemary, rose, and raspberry while their Ambassadrice (Php 500) is an invigorating glass of vodka, chartreuse, pineapple juice, and lime sauce! Both are just delish!

There is so much more to look out for from Baker J such as their pastries! Their Parisian Flan (Php 180) and their Strawberry Cream Puff (Php 120) are just two of their must-tries, so so make sure to visit them soon as they are just located at Crimson Hotel Filinvest City, Manila. As we have mentioned, they are also available for pick-up and delivery, so just order from them online or give them a call at 09985953831 between 6AM to 9PM daily, for you to be able to enjoy their dishes in the comfort of your own home or even your office. Visit their Facebook, Instagram, and Website for further information.

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