From Binondo to BGC: Friends & Family brought you Taste of Chinatown!

Halloween sure was fun! It gradually is gaining popularity here in the city and got everyone dressing up – scary and snazzy! And of course, Friends & Family did not say pass as they brought their diners their line called Taste of Chinatown last October 28 to October 31. Moreover, the taste of Chinatown dishes took inspiration from the quaint cafes and tea houses of the world’s oldest Chinatown which is none other Manila’s popular Binondo.

As the dishes Binondo have now become distinctly of Filipino-Chinese as well as have become an everyday part of the diverse cuisine of Manila as well as the nation, Friends & Family had brought that colorful culture in the hip and chill business district that is BGC only for a limited time – and we were very fortunate to actually be one of the firsts to have tried it.

Cameron Rebusado (6 pieces Php 320)

Amped up to get a Taste of Chinatown by Friends & Family, we first had their Cameron Rebusado (6 pieces Php 320) which actually is a part of their Soup & Appetizers selection. This one is of crispy battered puffed shrimp with sweet & sour dip.

Maki & Kiampung Combo (Php 350)

From Appetizers, we next opted two dishes from their Maki selection which undeniably is a Filipino-Chinese heritage dish! The Maki Mi (Php 250) which is maki soup with egg noodles and fried pork, alongside the Maki & Kiampung Combo (Php 350) which is an all day meal that is of maki soup served with a single portion of kiampung rice topped with Chinese sausage, egg omelette, peanuts, pickled mustard greens, thinly sliced pork humba are both delectables you should miss out on!

5 Treasures Kiampung Claypot Rice (Php 295)

Having a moment with a single serving of Kiampung Rice, we just could not help ourselves into wanting more, so good thing Friends & Family has 5 Treasures Kiampung Claypot Rice (Php 295) which is exactly what we mentioned earlier, but in a bigger serving, all housed in a hot claypot and drizzled with sweet soy. Another claypot delicacy we had here was their Chili Garlic Mixed Seafood Japchae (Php 395) which is of mixed seafood japchae laced with xiao xing wine, topped with fried egg, chili, and garlic.

Torta De Cangrejo (Php 350)
Sweet & Sour “Bola Bola” (Php 275)

If you think, that is all we had, then think again, because we also got to try a few of their Short Orders offerings like our ultimate fave, their Torta De Cangrejo (Php 350) which is crab & egg omelette stuffed with bell pepper, peas, & wansoy topped with superior sauce; their Sweet & Sour “Bola Bola” (Php 275) which is shanghai meatballs topped with pineapple, carrots, & bell peppers; and their Honey Lemon Chicken (Php 295) topped with toasted sesame seed – oh who are we kidding, really? These are all our favorites!

Mixed Seafood Crispy Canton Tostado on a Sizzling Plate (Php 375)

Their Mixed Seafood Crispy Canton Tostado on a Sizzling Plate (Php 375) was no doubt a funky take on the classic pancit canton as this one comes with Chinese sausage, chicken tofu, mushrooms, and vegetables in a fragrant superior sauce, all dropped on a fried canton egg noodles, that is served sizzling on of course, a sizzling plate.

And for dessert, we went for their 3 Kinds of Buchi (Php 120) which is an order of our favorite buchi that comes in three different yummy flavors – flattops, salted egg cheese dulce de leche, and peach mango. We absolutely adored each one of this, especially the crunch it has!

This Taste of Chinatown by Friends & Family is actually a limited time offer only, as we have mentioned, but hopefully it becomes a staple as they really are of great dishes, and we do hope you weren’t able to miss out on this absolutely delicious offering, because you so would regret not having any of these!

Pancit Palabok
Ube Champorado

However, do not worry, because if you want to dine with Friends & Family and you don’t know what to get from them, then we recommend you try our ultimate faves from their everyday menu – their Pancit Palabok as well as their Ube Champorado! Pair those with refreshing drinks such as Calamansi Lychee as well as Sago’t Gulaman. Enjoy!

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Address: Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City, Metro Manila

Contact Number: 0917 891 7053

Hours of Operation: Monday to Sunday 11AM to 11PM

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