From Dagat to Kagat: Eight Fish PH brings you their fresh catch

Never underestimate the freshness and deliciousness of fish, especially when it came from Eight Fish PH, an online store where you can get your Bangus cravings from. Eight Fish PH is all about providing and delivering fresh, clean, and thick fish from their very own family fish farm. Just like what they say, “From dagat to kagat”, truly, Eight Fish PH is all about providing the freshest fish they could offer from their fish farm to your table.

Currently, Eight Fish PH has Bangus up for grabs. Bangus, also known as Milkfish, is a popular fish choice among Filipinos as this one is tasty and great for families to share. Also, it is a versatile choice as a lot of different dishes can be made with Bangus.

That being said, you can get yourself three Bangus options from Eight Fish PH and these are Boneless, Relleno, and Tinapa. These delectable choices are wonderful to dig into any time of the day – may it be breakfast, lunch, or dinner!

You can go for their Boneless Bangus (Php 250/pc) and make a soup-based viand from it such as Sinigang or Paksiw or you can also get their Rellenong Bangus (Php 320/pc) which is just so tasty to have, especially when you have it with your favorite dip on the side. However, when what you are looking for is something that would have you drooling first thing in the morning, then their Tinapang Bangus (Php 300/pc) is the perfect choice.

Eight Fish PH really is just here for you get hooked (pun intended) with their Bangus offerings and you surely will be because you just won’t be able to resist them. To order, you can drop them a message on their Instagram Page. Their inbox is also open if you have any queries for them.

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