From my heart to my baby girl’s: Stronger Kids Learn Faster with Similac GainSchool

Seeing my child go out into the world is one of the things I’m excited about and I admit, a little anxious about as well. As a parent, I try to give my child the best of anything and everything, but I still find myself thinking if what I’m doing is enough. With my sweet kiddo about to start pre-school, I can’t wait for her to explore and reach her full potential.

The start of Pre-school – this is definitely a milestone my kid and I are both anticipating with not only great excitement, but absolute delight as well.

However, this stage in my child’s life also comes with lots of crying, uncertainty, and heel digging – both from our end! Although, I must say, not only those am I worried about, but also Pre-school is a tough stage as my child will not only be exposed to more learning, which is good, but she will be exposed to more sickness as well.


To my wonderful baby girl,

People keep making you see how much you’ll love school, how much you’re going to learn and have fun in it – this is no doubt true. While people are telling you how good school is, hopefully, they also keep giving you mini boosts of  inspiration and confidence as you will need it not only in school, but in life as well.

However, as I watch and hear people try to drive out any fear and doubt in you, I realize that you might also need to hear this: It’s okay if you’re scared, because honestly, Mommy feels the same way too; Mommy is worried.

You might be looking at Mommy and wondering how Mommy feels the same way when Mommy is tough. Well, baby girl, Mommy is scared and worried of a lot of things but the most Mommy is worried of is missing you so much.

I’m worried most of the day you’ll be apart from Mommy.

I’m worried you’ll encounter not only new words, but new behaviors as well.

I’m worried not only of the boxes you might get put in nor the labels you might be given, but also the pegs you’ll be expected to fit into.

I’m worried people might try to harden your edges, toughen you up the way they see fit or the wrong way, and that you might lose your sweetness and cheerfulness along the way.

And I know you’re just about to start what might be one of the greatest journeys of your life but Mommy is scared and worried of losing any influence I might have had on you up to this point.

Mommy is scared and worried of letting you go, my baby girl. But let me tell you this: Being scared and worried might just be the least of our concerns, because right next to this tight ball of panic deep in my gut is Hope and the assurance that You are ready.

Your school will provide you so many opportunities and you might find some things hard to do but you will realize quickly that you can.

Your school will also give you the wonderful chance of meeting different kinds of kids and you will befriend them, show them kindness, and grow with them.

You are so ready, my baby girl.

I’m sure some days you will be coming home like an array of sunshine, beaming; while others you’ll feel tired; but know this, my baby girl, you are ready for it all and Mommy will always have your back; Mommy will always give the best to you; Mommy will always have a glass of the best milk you have always loved and gave you not only comfort, but protection as well.


With all the love I have for you,



With my emotions out in the open, like my daughter in Pre-school – a place not only filled with learning and fun, but is a hot bed for getting sick and catching diseases as well; I make sure I give my child not only the protection she needs, but the best protection for her.



Experts know that regardless of the amount of nutrients your milk provides for the brain, it will not make up for optimum learning if your child is sickly. The brain is deprived when a child is sick as nutrients are diverted to fighting infection.

1 out 10 kids in kindergarten are chronically absent because of illness that affects and lower overall academic performance. I don’t want to cause any delay in my kid’s learning potential. I don’t want my kid to have that problem as I want her strong and obviously, ready for more fun-filled learning.


As I don’t let my child be one of those affected kids, I give my baby girl the new Similac with HMO – designed to reduce infection up to 66% and improve learning speed as this comes with 10 key brain nutrients speeding up brain connections for faster learning – more than any other formula option.


With Similac GainSchool, my worry of if I’m giving my kid enough is none of my concern because I’m confident I am doing and giving my precious kid more than enough.


With Similac GainSchool, my kid is not only performing better, but learning faster as well, because stronger kids learn faster and grow smarter.

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