From street food to gourmet food, Kanto Freestyle 65 Degrees is totally your dude!

Confession: Street food is a total comfort food for me. It brings me back to simpler days of my younger life – as let’s face it, I still am young and will forever be young… at heart, at least.

Now, we all know street food is not for everyone, especially when the place is a bit sketchy for some. And if you are one of those some, then hold your seats and start clapping because we have the perfect solution for you to finally enjoy your much loved street food in an ambiance that would make your worries go away.

Kanto Freestyle 65 Degrees has truly gone a long way but has always kept on their mission to provide the people a leveled up version of snacks and heavy dishes that hit home. From lowbrow to highbrow, get your all-time fave dishes made even better with a twist by Kanto Freestyle 65 Degrees.

Start with some easy eats like their Pandesal with Liver Pate, Garlic Confit, and Pesto (Php 95); their Pulled Beef Pares Nachos with Salsa and Cheese Sauce (Php 150); and their Beef Tapa Eggs Benedict (Php 150).

After digging into some of their best starters, jump onto more of their heavier dishes such as their Roast Beef Pares (Php 180) that goes totally great with their Kanto Spicy Fried Rice (Php 170). Other than those, if you love breakfast like I do, munch on their Pusit, Danggit, Espada, at Dilis (Php 160) that is a favorite of one of their owners.

Follow those up with more satisfying tasty options of Kanto Freestyle 65 Degrees, their Quesong Kalabaw Fritters with Honey and Wilted Greens (Php 160), their Kanto Longaniza Scotch Egg (Php 170), alongside their Crispy Corned Beef (Php 150) are dishes to be loved as each has that adorable crunch punch in every mouthful.

And for an absolutely sweet kiss for a bomber ending, fill your sweet tooth with their Mixed Berries Pancake (Php 145) that is a plate of fluffy pancakes which we could eat up all day, everyday; their Chocnut Champorado (Php 135) that is a crowd favorite and has me making yummy noises in each spoonful; and their Dessert Platter (Price still to be announced) that comes with their chocolate moist cake, brazo de ube, brazo de calamansi, and another favorite of mine, their crème brulee ube.

As Kanto Freestyle 65 Degrees actually operates 24 hours a day, 7 times a week, you can also grab yourself some delectable glasses of wake up call such as their Ice Scramble (Php 70) that is such a fun childhood flashback, their Flat White (Php 95), their Mocha Frappe (Php 90), and their Latte (Php 95) which are mugs of tender, love, and care – may you be a coffee lover or not.

You might be wondering what is 65 Degrees all about, well, that actually is the perfect temperature to cook their eggs as almost all of their dishes are cooked sous vide style, so be sure to try out their exquisite technique that leads their dishes to being exquisite as well.

Kanto Freestyle 65 Degrees, together with their other branches, is actually a community restaurant reflecting what the community is while being the heart of the community itself, especially with the promise of having their diners experience eating simple dishes turned gourmet food in a laid-back setting.

Truly, this branch of theirs is a playground for them, finding out new recipes, trying out new flavors, and launching their oh-so-yummy creations they could not wait to share to the community and for the community to actually take pleasure in.

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Address: Unit 102 Continental Court Condominium, 47 Annapolis, San Juan, 1504 Metro Manila

Hours of Operation: Mondays to Sundays, 24 Hours open

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