From sweet to zesty, Cookiemanster sure has it!

Baked treats truly are a taste of heaven on earth and we know how much you love them as they could just bring you comfort, especially in times of need. However, having too much of it, much like anything else, is not really a smart move to do, so good thing Cookiemanster is here to have you staying in the path of becoming a cookie monster or rather a pastry monster.

Cookiemanster is known to provide baked goodies with health benefits. They make sure their offerings have your bets interests without compromising your well-being. Pastries are here to bring you joy and satisfaction after all.

Up for some cakes? Cookiemanster has a bunch for you to choose from. They have got something on the sweet side as well as something on the zesty side. Their Chocolate Decadent Cake (Php 350), Banana Walnut Cake (Php 350), Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting (Php 350), and Calamansi Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting (Php 350) are everything you want and more. These indulgent goodies will have you wanting for more and you need not to worry about going for another round, because you definitely could.

And of course, Cookiemanster has cookies for you, too! You could have their All Time Favorites such as their Chocolate Chip Cookies (250 grams Php 200) and Calamansi Cookies (250 grams Php 200; and their Chia, Oat, and Flaxseed Cookies like their Chocolate Chip Chia Cookies (300 grams Php 200 | 500 grams Php 350), Cranberry Chia Cookies (300 grams Php 200 | 500 grams Php 350), and Mint Chia Cookies (300 grams Php 200 | 500 grams Php 350).

Cookiemanster also has some Lactation Cookies (Php 750) which contains Brewers Yeast, Cranberry, Dark Choco Chips, Oats, Flaxseed, Chia, and Moringa. Indeed, this one is great for breastfeeding mothers.

You can check what else Cookiemanster has to offer on their Facebook and Instagram Pages. Better to also hit them up for when you have queries and such.

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