Fudo-San is now at Good Earth Plaza Mall

Don’t you just love it when you are curled up on your sofa, watching TV, and just digging into your comfort food? Oh, man, honest to goodness, that’s what most of our nights look like. We are just hands down all for casual and comfort; and that’s exactly what Fudo-San gave us!


Fudo-San is a well-loved casual dining restaurant that puts the spotlight on comfort food, specifically Japanese comfort food! If you know us, you probably know by now that our hearts beat for Japanese food, so imagine us just squealing in delight once we got our hands on Fudo-San’s offerings because that’s how everything went down, for real! Fudo-San just really knows how to not only tease but also pamper the Filipino palate. 


Not to spoil you, but seriously, you are going to love Fudo-San. Believe it or not, when we were there, a loyal customer even shared to us how he was excited to see Fudo-San at Good Earth Plaza Mall since he was a regular at their SM Manila branch before. The thing is, Fudo-San actually relocated from SM Manila to Good Earth Plaza Mall and a lot of their customers go out of their way to visit their new location just to be able to get their Fudo-San favorites. Fudo-San’s food is just that good, we are telling you—they will have you following them wherever they go!

Assorted Takoyaki
Assorted Takoyaki

That being said, we suggest you begin your Fudo-San adventure with their Takoyakis. They actually have a number of variants, but if you want to have them all, then you better go for their Assorted Takoyaki (3 Pieces Php 75 | 6 Pieces Php 135). This just really had our hearts instantly, in just one bite. It was so tasty and its texture was just right. Plus, its sauce was indeed a game-changer!

California Maki
California Maki

Another way for you to fall in love with Fudo-San is by making sure to have a fill of their Makis. Again, Fudo-San has different Maki choices up for you, but if you also want to have what we had, then don’t think twice about ordering their California Maki (4 Pieces Php 79 | 8 Pieces Php 155) and Crispy Kani Maki (4 Pieces Php 69 | 8 Pieces Php 125). These were just oh-so-delectable that we even got some to-go. Yummy!

Cheese Tamago Burger
Daburo Chicken Burger

Speaking of great dishes for when you are on the go, Fudo-San also has burgers that are just ready to be devoured. Their Cheese Tamago Burger (Regular Php 125 | Medium Php 145 | Large Php 165 | Jumbo Php 185) as well as their Daburo Chicken Burger (Regular Php 229 | Medium Php 249 | Large Php 269 | Jumbo Php 289) are amazing! We loved how these two were such easy-eats and satisfying at the same time.

Charsiu Don

Although, if you are looking for something really heavy, then you are in luck because Fudo-San also has rice dishes, of course! Their Charsiu Don (Php 169 with drinks | +Php 80 to upgrade drinks to their tea series or coffee) is a serving of rice topped with charsiu, tamago, and sliced cabbage; and believe us, this will have you coming back to Fudo-San even more.

Seafood Bento
Gyudon Bento

Other than that, you will also never go wrong by grabbing Fudo-San’s Seafood Bento (Php 250) and Gyudon Bento (Php 250) because these two have everything you want. They are Bentos, after all. You get a delicious serving of everything plus drinks on the side too. Such a win, right?

Shio Ramen
Spicy Seafood Ramen

But then again, you better not be thinking that this is all, because Fudo-San’s menu is really loaded! As we have said, they are a casual dining Japanese restaurant so you could definitely expect that they have ramen up for grabs. Their Shio Ramen (Php 179) and their Spicy Seafood Ramen (Php 199) will have you drooling even with just a sight of each because that’s what happened to us. These are two generous servings of delicious ramens that you should not miss out on!

Iced Milk Coffee
Maccha Milk Tea

Fudo-San is really doing amazing in not only bringing flavorful comfort food, but also giving the people an option to enjoy luscious Japanese food without burning a hole in their pocket. If you are even feeling a bit extra and really want to treat yourself, then we suggest you pair your Fudo-San food of choice with some of their drinks such as Beriberi Yogo (Php 99) which is a fruity tea drink, Iced Milk Coffee (Php 120) which is a wake-upper made with premium Baguio Barako blend, and Maccha Milk Tea (Php 125) which will have your milktea-loving heart filled with joy.

Catch more of Fudo-San and their amazing selection by checking out their Facebook and Instagram. They are also open for take-out and deliveries as they have an in-house delivery option for nearby areas, but you could also opt to choose your preferred courier. They are also available on GrabFood and foodpanda.

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