Funland Food Park: Where Great Food and Fun Never Ends

It’s a known fact that Food Park has been all over the metro. Invading a vacant slot here and there. With an array of International cuisines and variety of drinks plus the cool ambiance, Food Parks are undeniably here to stay.

Among the recent addition to these food parks is the Funland Food Park located at Regalado Avenue, Novaliches, Quezon City. Upon stepping foot there’s already a vibe of excitement as you get a sight of their Amusement Park Theme interiors. Once you view their facade, it’s like your memorable experience of a circus or a carnival suddenly came to life.

But more than the colorful and interesting aesthetics of the place, what sets apart a Food Park is if they offer delicious dishes that would make you come back for more. Having been able to experience their food, I must say, they do deliver!

They’ve got twelve food stalls, shake station, dessert stall, drinks stall and a beer station.

Full Slab Ribs
Full Slab Ribs

1. Beauty and the Ribs –  Serves this Full Slab Ribs that comes with mashed potato, two cups of rice, and mixed veggies. Now who could say no to this?

Getta Pound Burger

2. Getta Pound Burger – This Getta Pound Burger is the absolute definition of mouth-watering burger.  Just look at the cheese, bacon and patties, we’re absolutely sure you can already feel your mouth water.

Lechon Belly

3. Kahit Ano – This stall offers Lechon Belly which is the answer to all your pork cravings.

Barbecue Wings (half pound) with Garlic Mayo dip


Garlic Parmesan Wings (half pound) with Blue Cheese Dip

4. Wing It – This stall will obviously fulfill your chicken wings need as it provides different flavors of chicken wings to choose from.

Tempura with Side Salad

5. Gifu Ken – Love the fact that their Tempura doesn’t just taste all breading but you can absolutely taste the shrimp on it.

Inihaw Pork Sisig


Crispy Pork Sisig

6. Sizzling Daddy – We are all familiar with Pork Sisig but I never thought Inihaw is really good too. If you’re looking for that perfect beer match or if you just love a dish that will make you eat more rice, their Sisig is to die for.

Technicolor Motion Picture


Box Office Hit

7. Senorita – They offer Mexican dishes that are delicious and easy on the pocket.

High Tide (boodle fight style)

8. Nerfes –  This High Tide dish that comes with rice, fried chicken, salted egg, tilapia is the perfect meal to devour with the gang.

Strawberry Shake


Smores Shake

9. Shake Box – From the name itself, this stall offers different flavors of refreshing Shakes.

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