Funland Food Park: Where Great Food and Fun Never Ends

Chicken Tonkatsu Set Meal


Beef Teppanyaki Set Meal

10. Hana Katsu  – You don’t have to look far for a Japanese Restaurant as this stall offers some of the beloved Japanese dishes you’ve been looking for.

Butterfly Squid

11. Mr. Crab Food Hub  –  The butterfly squid is the perfect dish to munch on while enjoying a bottle of beer or cocktail.

Beef Shawarma with rice

12. Shawarma Express – If you’re looking for Mediterranean dishes, this stall is the answer. Their Beef Shawarma with rice is undeniably delicious.

Porchetta Rice Meal


Lambchops Rice Meal

13. Meat Us – Meat lovers, rejoice as this stall offers juicy and meaty dishes to feast on. Like this Porchetta and Lambchops Rice Meal that are worth drooling.

Green Tea with Lychee
Honey Lemon Mocktail
Four Seasons
Virgin Strawberry
Blue Lemonade

14. Well Juice – No food park is  ever complete without the drinks stall and for Funland they’ll give you a lot of varieties. From lemonade, to juices and to mocktails, they’ve got it all.

Frozen Strawverry Ice Cream



15. Frozen Spoon – On to my favorite part, the dessert section. Everyone loves ice cream and Funland Food Park offers some of the best tasting ice cream selections we have ever tasted.


16. Beer Station – Last but not the least, they’ve got the beer station that obviously offers different types of beers. From the imported ones to the local ones.

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Funland Food Park
Address: Regalado Avenue Corner Coronet Street, Fairview, Quezon City
Contact Number: (02) 281 7970
Hours of Operation: Mondays to Sundays, 4PM to 12 Midnight

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