Snatch a satisfying, sulit deal only from Fork and Pork Kitchen

Fork and Pork Kitchen is a gourmet kitchen offering homecooked meals that are a bang for the buck. We know us Pinoys, we love getting our money’s worth! We even have a word for it and it is sulit.

That being said, we think we got a sulit deal from Fork and Pork Kitchen as we got to dig into not one, not two, not even three, but six generous servings of their savory dishes. From pancits to viands that are a good pairing to rice, Fork and Pork has really brought us hearty meals that we bet you are going to enjoy too.

From their Noodles selection, their Chinese Crab Sotanghon (Php 1649) and Shrimp Bihon Platter (Php1499) are delicious and so fun to eat! However, if you have a big group to satisfy, the Birthday Noodles Platter (Php 1799) is the one for you. This one is good for 15 people and is of Chinese birthday noodles topped with all the ingredients possible!

Of course, Fork and Pork Kitchen has more dishes for you to gobble down. Check out their Fiesta Ribs Tray selection for some luscious choices such as Ol’ American (Php 1799) which is good for 6 to 8 people as it includes 1 kilogram of ribs alongside corn; and Surf & Turf (Php 1999) which is also good for 6 to 8 people and includes 1 kilogram of ribs, 300 grams of shrimp, amd corn too.

Other than those ready-to-eat meals, Fork and Pork Kitchen has some Frozen Items too, one of which is Garlic Longganisa (Php 500). This one is homemade, no MSG, no extenders, and has no preservatives, so what you are getting is absolutely pure, clean meat that has a tasty flavor similar to Calumpit or Vigan Longganisas.

These dishes are just a few of what Fork and Pork Kitchen has, because they even have Seafood and more Chinese dishes for you to take home. Know more about Fork and Pork Kitchen by visiting their Facebook and Instagram Pages.

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