Get a Slice of the Action at Pizzeria Delfino’s of Bluewater Maribago

Craving for Italian lusciousness but you are at the heart of Maribago, Cebu? Well, worry no more because Bluewater Maribago has Pizzeria Delfino’s, a beautiful Italian restaurant offering brick oven specialties such as scrumptious trademark pizzas and sumptuous pasta dishes. Besides those classic Italian dishes, Pizzeria Delfino’s is also big on fresh salads, sandwiches, desserts, revitalizing beverages that will have you making yummy noises. No doubt, a meal filled with rich flavors and luxe awaits you here! 

Pizzeria Delfino’s of Bluewater Maribago
Fish and Chips

Since we have already given you the gist about Pizzeria Delfino’s, let’s now give you more than just a taste of what you should be expecting if you ever catch yourself wondering what to get from them. You can start with an easy meal, their Fish and Chips. This one is a tasty serving of classic beer-battered snapper fillet with thinly sliced potatoes, alongside garlic aioli and apple cider vinegar with pickled green chili.  

Seafood Umami Brick Oven Pizza
Seafood Umami Brick Oven Pizza
Salsiccia Picante Pizza
Salsiccia Picante Pizza
Bacon and Mushroom Pizza

Of course, when at Pizzeria Delfino’s, you should definitely be able to grab their signature pizzas that are well-loved by many. Our pizza suggestions? Have a blast with their Seafood Umami Brick Oven Pizza that is topped with squid flakes, shrimps, mussels, squid, soya ginger sauce, and mozzarella; their Salsiccia Piccante Pizza which has Italian sausage, capsicum, onions, tomato sauce and chili flakes; as well as their Bacon and Mushroom Pizza which is exactly what you think it is! 

Seafood Marinara

Other than their pizzas, their pasta dishes are must-tries too! Their Seafood Marinara is an easy favorite, especially if you are a lover of the sea. Delicious al dente noodles with a loaded mix of different seafood? You surely will be saying “Count us in!” in an instant. 

Roasted Salmon
Spiced Tuna

Now that you already had your fill of pizzas and pasta, it’s time for you to load up on some hearty mains. If you want more feast from the sea, then their Roasted Salmon which is a plate of roasted salmon fillet in lemon butter caper sauce, vegetables, and sweet mashed potatoes; and their Spiced Tuna which is a serving of wood fired baked tuna fillet with macadamia, turmeric rub, and coconut sauce, together with a side of steamed Asian greens are more than just wonderful choices. These will undeniably satisfy your cravings for fish in a mouthful. 

Cajun Chicken

Aside from fish-starred dishes, Pizzeria Delfino’s also has some chicken options such as their Cajun Chicken! This one is a flavorful plate of seared chicken breast seasoned with cumin, oregano, paprika, and then served with green beans, tomatoes, and sweet mashed potato. Truly, a delish dish you should let yourself get lost in. 

Delfino’s of Bluewater Maribago is certainly easy to love as all their dishes are pure indulgence. Catch more of Pizzeria Delfino’s by visiting Bluewater Maribago’s Facebook, Instagram, and Website.

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