Get a taste of Baguio here in the Metro with Old Baguio Cafe V. Luna

Baguio is one of our go-to places for when we want and need a getaway. It’s a few hours from Manila, has a cozy weather, has lovely tourist spots, and has a variance of delicious food to offer! Truly, Baguio is a wonderland and it has always left us wanting more — just like Old Baguio Cafe V. Luna.

Old Baguio Cafe V. Luna is a restaurant in Quezon City that has brought flavors of Baguio to their diners. Indeed, they are a piece of Baguio in the Metro, and the moment we heard about them, we surely got some of their offerings delivered at our place.

Baguio is known for strawberries and that’s one of the major highlights of Old Baguio Cafe V. Luna as they are offering a bunch of strawberry-filled yummies that is just so hard to resist, because 1) they all look so lovely and mouthwatering and 2) they absolutely taste delectable that we felt like we were being transported to Baguio. From breads and pastries to viands and beverages, Old Baguio Cafe V. Luna got us covered.

We started with their Strawberry Champorado which is actually one of their bestsellers and it sure had us finishing our bowl in minutes, not minding if it was still hot for us to dig in. Good thing after having that, we still had their Strawberry Taho which really reminded us of Baguio as if we were strolling at Burnham Park.

Having some strawberries definitely is a delight, so we also went for their Strawberry Yogurt Espresso as well as their Sparkling Strawberry Soda Coffee. These ones are not the usual coffee we drink, but we are not denying that we truly delighted in every sip as we loved the invigorating taste and feel of each drink.

Of course, we did not have those coffees alone, because we got to pair them with Old Baguio Cafe V. Luna’s Visco’s Cake Platter,which is also known as Sample Platter, is a whole cake made up of different cake variants. We also reached for their addicting Creampuffs and their Bread Basket that has Raisin Bread, Cheese Bread, Banana Bread, and Carrot Bread straight from the highlands of Baguio.

Old Baguio Cafe V. Luna is ready to bring you to Baguio with their luscious flavors, so do visit their Facebook and Instagram for more information. You can also reach them at 09177908823 or 0283724050.

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