Get charmed by Bistro Charlemagne: Have a taste of their exciting takes on traditional recipes

One weekend before 2019 ended, we found ourselves hitting the road, going on a long drive down south – Laguna, in particular. We have been missing Laguna and have been craving for dishes that are of a certain restaurant that is a fave of ours; so really, this drive is hitting two birds with one stone. Bistro Charlemagne did not disappoint us on our first dining experience with them, and let’s just say this second one wowed us even more!  Serving a taste of Asian fusion with a dash of Western yummies, it is as if Bistro Charlemagne has established their flag and got their roots inside the hearts of their diners.

Bistro Charlemagne actually is an improved concept that came from Little Asia, so it is not a surprise that most of their dishes are of Asian cuisine, as mentioned. With that, they also have released some new dishes that surely would not only pique people’s interest, but have people coming back – just like what we did!

Bistro Sisig Fries (Php 315)

Their plate of Chicharon Bulaklak (Php 315) served with their special vinegar sauce is such an all-time Filipino favorite with a gourmet twist; and their Bistro Sisig Fries (Php 315) which is a serving of succulent thrice-cooked pork cheeks blended with creamy sautéed chicken liver sauce on top of fries are just a few teasers of what you should be getting here at Bistro Charlemagne.

Teasing you more of what awaits you, their Golden ‘17’ Soy Chicken (Php 355) is a traditionally prepared soy chicken perfumed with an intricate blend of 17 herbs and spices, so really, it’s not only your sense of taste that would get pampered, but also your sense of smell!

Digging more into their meaty options, their Ox Sisig (Php 355) which is a fave of ours is of slow-cooked ox tongue and ox tripe mixed with their special livermansi-mayo topped with chicharon bulaklak; while when your taste buds are just craving for some pork, their Crispy Pork Belly with Peanut Sauce (Php 355) which is of pork belly with crispy crackling skin drizzled in peanut sauce with chili and sweet peppers will actually do the trick to satisfy you.

Pares Rice (Php 345)

For a mishmash of meaty and carb-y option, meet our another ultimate favorite – their Pares Rice (Php 345)! Slow-braised shredded beef shank with anise-sweet soy in fried rice topped with fried beef, served with chili oil, this one is a modern twist on a classic Filipino comfort cuisine.

Following all those with more savories to drool over, you really should not say no to ther Shrimp Poppers (Php 435). This is just so flavorful that having another round of this is something we regret not doing as this actually is a plate of lightly battered deep fried shrimps tossed in their special sweet chili-mayo sauce and chili oil served with a side salad.

Another savory dish to look out for is none other than their Crispy Bihon Sisig (Php 375) which is a hearty serving of crispy rice noodles topped with vegetables and crispy pork sisig mixed with their special liver sauce and chicharon bits – a fusion of Filipino favorites, that’s what this is!

S’mores (Php 265)

And to end this savory adventure, of course, we decided to go for something sweet and munch-worthy! Their S’mores (Php 265) is a delectable nomnom that is of roasted marshmallows laid on chocolate ganache served with graham crackers!

We are telling you, Bistro Charlemagne is one of those restaurants we are glad to go back to over and over again as their dishes are really just heavenly and their staff and crew are all warm and helpful. This place does make having a good time so much easier!

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Featured Branch: Bistro Charlemagne – Nuvali Branch

Address: Ayala Malls Solenad 3 Nuvali, Don Jose, Santa Rosa, Laguna

Contact Number: (049) 258 0846

Hours of Operation: Sunday to Thursday 11AM to 10PM; Friday & Saturday 11AM to 11PM

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