Get Deliciously Pleased Fast by 8 Ferrari Kitchen!

8 Ferrari Kitchen has both savories and sweets waiting for you so you no longer need to look at another store to satisfy all your cravings.

Sida, which is an Ilocano term for ulam or viand, is their product line that serves Ilocos delicacies such as Garlic Longganisa as well Bagnet. We got to try their Garlic Longganisa for breakfast and it was delicious! We loved every bit of that breakfast and it sure made our day even brighter than it already is.

Meanwhile, their Urno product line, which is an Ilocano term for bake or oven, is where you can find their delectable baked goodies that we are going to talk about right here, right now. Seriously, 8 Ferrari Kitchen is doing everything in their power to be able to provide quality yummies that are just so hard to resist. Although, honestly, why would you even resist? There is no point in doing that, just give in like we did and you will find yourself wrapped in a scrumptious bliss, all thanks to 8 Ferrari Kitchen!

That said, let’s start with their must-try Floss Buns! These enticing soft buns are covered with tasty floss that just melts in your mouth. On top of that, you don’t only get to enjoy one flavor of this as 8 Ferrari Kitchen actually has two. They have Pork Buns and Chicken Buns and it’s all on you which one you are going for. A little recommendation from us? Get both!

Another bestselling baked goodie by 8 Ferrari Kitchen is none other than their Korean Creamcheese Garlic Bread! This absolute stunner of a bread is a combination of sweet and savory! With just the right amount of lightly sweetened cream cheese, smothered with buttery garlic sauce, each bite off of this is indeed a party for your palate! “What kind of party?”, you might ask. Well, it is a garlicky, slightly sweet and salty party alongside a lovely layer of creaminess to it! Yum, right?

Want more of that nice sweet tone? 8 Ferrari Kitchen will certainly not disappoint you with their Banana Bread! This goodie is a moist loaf made of real bananas as well as premium ingredients topped with Kirkland chocolate chips and almonds for that extra nice and fun crunch in every munch.

These three breads are just a few of what 8 Ferrari Kitchen has waiting for you! They have more breads and pastries that you could snatch and as we have mentioned, they have some yummy meat products up for grabs too!

Get wowed with what 8 Ferrari Kitchen could provide by checking them out on their Facebook Page. For inquiries or to order, feel free to drop them a message.

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