Get loaded with carbs from Sen Lek Thai Noodle – Grass Residences

There are a lot of cuisines all around the world and we know that what we got try are just a few of them. However, among the few that we got to enjoy, we could say that Thai is one of our favorites. The flavor that their dishes have are just so wonderful that every mouthful is like a party for our palate.

As Thai is one of our favorites, we do crave for it from time to time so when one day, we found ourselves craving for it, we sure were in luck to have found Sen Lek Thai Noodle – Grass Residences; because not only are they serving Thai dishes, but also they deliver. We did not wait that long to have our Thai choices at home, because Sen Lek Thai Noodle – Grass Residences is a Thai Fastfood Restaurant.

We started with their Noodle Soup, because we wanted something warm to ease our bellies into this Thai food adventure. Their Mix Thai Noodle (Php 190) which is of rice noodle with beef, chicken wanton, and pork meatballs; as well as their Tom Yum Noodle (Php 250) which is of rice noodle with shrimp and squid rings are definitely worth it!

After having two of their Noodle Soups, we then moved onto their Stir Fry Noodles which are different variants of Pad Thai. Sen Lek Thai Noodle – Grass Residences has Shrimp Pad Thai (Php 225), Chicken Pad Thai (Php 175), and Veggie Pad Thai (Php 160) so we need not to worry, because everyone got their preferred Pad Thai.

Following those noodles, we also had their Rice meals, of course; and because we had the Tom Yum Noodle Soup, we then got ourselves their Tom Yum Rice (Php 240) too. Although, that is not the only rice meal we had from Sen Lek Thai Noodle – Grass Residences, because we also were not able to stop ourselves from digging into their Green Curry Rice (Php 195) which is a serving of rice mixed with green curry sauce and chicken meat.

Aside from all these dishes, we did not miss the opportunity to have some Thai drinks too. With that, we made sure to have their Thai Green Milk Tea (Php 95) alongside their Thai Choco Milk Tea.

Indeed, this meal time with Sen Lek Thai Noodle – Grass Residences was carb filled. Even the drinks were heavy on our belly, so if you want to feel satisfied too, then better check them out on Facebook and Instagram. They are also on foodpanda and GrabFood.

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