Get Lost in this Black Forest Chocolate Cake by Chef Kerri’s Baking Room

People surely have rekindled their passion for a lot of their past hobbies over the course of quarantine — two of the most common hobbies that we noticed people have been raving about are cooking and baking. Although, we don’t think baking for Chef Kerri’s Baking Room is just another hobby, because they see it as more than that. They see it as something that they are really in love with and passionate about ever since they were young.


Chef Kerri’s Baking Room may have started in a basement at the height of the pandemic, but the idea of actually making awestrucking and sumptuous creations have been a part of their mission since they have wanted to share their love and passion with their family and friends. The creations of Chef Kerri’s Baking Room are not only for their friends and family anymore, because they have garnered quite a number of loyal customers too.

Chef Kerri’s Baking Room do not only believe in celebrating a win, regardless if one thinks it is just small, but also they believe that their customers deserve it. They deserve a luscious treat to make their day special, to make them feel special, because they are indeed special.


That being said, Chef Kerri’s Baking Room have put the spotlight on mostly their cake creations that come in different variants and flavors, because cake, after all, is no doubt a celebratory type of food. Their cake line comes in a variance of selection, so to say, and one of those selections is called Chocolate Collection.


Obviously, their Chocolate Collection highlights a number of delicious chocolate cake options that features different types of chocolate and even toppings such as berries and even waffles! With four cakes on their Chocolate Collection, their Black Forest Chocolate Cake is what we opted for.

This wonderful cake creation by Chef Kerri’s Baking Room is 10×6″ in size and is priced at Php 3800. Belgian chocolate cake covered in crushed chocolate and cream with gold leaf and fresh cherries on top? This Black Forest Chocolate Cake by Chef Kerri’s Baking Room is undeniably an indulgence in each and every mouthful and is a perfect treat to give yourself or even a loved one.


Chef Kerri’s Baking Room has so much cakes alongside other tasty treats like cupcakes up for grabs. To check out more of their products and the work they do, do not hesitate and just visit their Socials — Facebook and Instagram.

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  1. Does the cake use kirschwasser in its layers? Is the word cream also splashed with this?

  2. Wowww! i love black forest cake. Thank you so much for sharing this most luscious cake recipe. you made my day. I definitely try this at home. Brilliant cook!

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