Get Lucky with Lucky Belly Noodles’ Tasty Treats Today!

Ready to try your luck today? Say hello to Lucky Belly Noodles! Surely, you will find something that would have you drooling in no time, because their menu is packed and we honestly feel like describing it as “packed” is an understatement. Their selection of Cantonese dishes and Dimsum will probably have your jaws dropping, so you better be ready for that!

You might want to begin with their tasty Siopao variants. They have the classic Asado Siopao (10 Pieces Php 250), but they also have what they call the Snow Mountain Asado Siopao which comes im 20 Grams (6 Pieces Php 150) and 50 Grams (6 Pieces Php 300).

If today is your birthday, then we think your luck just doubled, because Lucky Belly Noodles has Birthday Siopao which is available for 30 Grams each piece (12 Pieces Php 240) and Birthday Siopao with Leaf (12 Pieces Php 260).

Although, if you are vegetarian, then their Vegetarian Siopao (12 Pieces Php 270) probably sounds so good right now, huh?

Other than their Siopao, you can also check out their delicious and adorable Buns for when you want more Dimsum goodness. Their Truffle Mushroom Bun (12 Pieces Php 380) is a crowd favorite while their Animal Buns such as their Panda Chocolate Bun (15 Pieces Php 330), Piggy Custard Cream Bun (12 Pieces Php 260), Chicken Lotus Paste Bun (12 Pieces Php 380), and Penguin Red Bean Bun (12 Pieces Php 380) are surely a hit regardless if you have a kid with you or you just feel like having some cuteness on your plate.

If your goal is to really have a more than just a full belly and a satisfied palate, then Lecky Belly Noodles’ Cantonese dishes are the perfect way to go for you! You definitely will want more every spoonful you get, because everything is just so good like their Fresh Beef Fried Rice, Stir-Fried Hor Fun with Beef, Cantonese Style Braised Beef Brisket, Eggplant Minced Pork, and Satay Beef.

No doubt, luck will be on your side when you go for Lucky Belly Noodles, so don’t hesitate and just visit their Facebook and Instagram for more details. Do drop them a message if you have any queries or when you are ready to order. Best of luck!

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