Get more than just the famous #amazingroastbeef from Roast Beef Counter

We don’t want to have beef with anyone, but if we are talking about Roast Beef Counter’s Beef, then we are all game for that! From their name you could already get that they are big on roast beef, and undeniably, that is indeed their main product, but recently, they have launched some new products that will get you hooked, too.

Roast Beef Counter’s #amazingroastbeef is actually a favorite of ours. We have had their bestselling product for so many times now and we still could not get over it every time we found ourselves digging into it again.

The meat they use for their #amazingroastbeef is imported from suppliers which they then marinate overnight with their own proprietary blend of spices, and then slow-roasted for about six to seven hours which locks in all the flavors and makes the beef even more juicy and tender. Also, this is served with Au’jus gravy which came from the drippings and marination of their beef while roasting.

As we have grown to love their #amazingroastbeef even more, of course, we are not to say pass on their new additions such as their Roast Beef Caldereta and Roast Beef Sisig. These two yummies are of classic Filipino dishes which they made by using their #amazingroastbeef. Truly, these ones had us eating more.

And as we have mentioned, Roast Beef Counter may have started with all things roast beef, but they have expanded into filling our sweet tooth, too. Their Carrot Cake is one of their best kept secrets which they now share to everyone who wants to have a slice or even a whole of it. This wonderful decadent is great regardless of when you want to start or end your meal with it.

Catch more of Roast Beef Counter’s offering on their Facebook and Instagram Pages or even on their Website; and while you are at it, you might also want to check their selection of bottled products in which you will be able to get a hold of their Roast Beef Flakes! This one is another go-to of ours every time we get the chance to have it, because we just love it like that!

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