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With branches in Robinson’s Galleria, SM Megamall, Glorietta, and SM North Edsa, Fat Fook has no doubt made heads turn twice and made tummies gurgle as cravings for some delicious Taiwanese dishes start to creep in in each and every person’s mind, making their mouth salivate more than they should.


Offering Taiwanese comfort food that do not only give you comfort, but hug you and keep you warm, Fat Fook does their best to stay authentic to their roots as much as possible by not only having traditional dishes, but also even street food, for that full Taiwanese food experience!


Opened last December of the year 2016, Fat Fook is part of the Ramen Nagi group, together with Tendon Akimitsu, Ramen Nagi of course, Toritake which is the newest franchise brand, and Propaganda which highlights the ever flavorful Vietnamese cuisine.


Starting with the big guns, Fat Fook’s Taiwanese Style Fried Rice lets you have a taste of authenticity which different flavors are mixed together in every mouthful.


Other than that, the Chicken Chop Noodle Set is of soft noodles with some tasty soup which goes perfectly with the wonderful flavor of tender chicken.


Followed by the Spicy Beef Set in which the spicy braised beef and gravy is separated from the noodles and base soup – totally a great way to serve it so as diners can make their preferred taste. With that, this dish is so good, having quite a spicy punch together with a hint of sweetness coming from the braised beef.


The next dish might be a little intimidating to some but surely is of great taste as it doesn’t have a strong pungent taste or even smell at that. Every bite of the Fried Intestines is so good as it is not at all salty as well.


If you are up for another fried dish, the Fried Squid is definitely a must-try as the squid is surprisingly soft, has that hint of sweetness to it, and the salt and pepper add more flavor on the totality of this delightful dish


Now, if you really want to get a taste of Taiwan, the Taiwanese Sausage hands down will bring you to the awesome streets of Taiwan with yummy flavor and tender texture.


Another dish that has a hint of spice to it is the Taiwan Beef Noodles which is quite intriguing but certainly good and filling, nonetheless.


The Fried Pork Chop is also a dish that is satisfying not only to the eyes, but to the tummy as well as the its meat is soft, crispy, and easy to chew with spices that make the dish taste even better.


Next is a dish you indeed should give a shot as it is one of the famous Taiwanese dishes that is loved by many. The notorious Fried Stinky Tofu is exactly what it is with the taste that best goes with Fat Fook’s salty and sweet sauce.


With the salted egg craze going around, Fat Fook is certainly not going to just sit back and see everyone go nuts about it because they have the Salted Egg Shrimp which tastes just right, it being not too salty and too sweet.


More into some salted egg dishes, the Salted Egg Xiao Long Bao tastes absolutely delicious, having just enough saltiness, with its soup inside adding a more delectable taste to it.



Next is a different variant of Xiao Long Bao; the Pork Xiao Long Bao is as good as its salted egg variant, with its meat being both tender and flavorful and its soup inside tasting great, even without the side sauce.


Following that is the fun dish called Cua Pao which is such a treat to delight in as it has that lip-smacking good sweet taste and its meat, along with its bun, being both soft and just lovely to the palate.



More to fill that sweet tooth, Fat Fook has Taho which is a famous delicacy here in the Philippines. But of course, Fat Fook’s is of Taiwanese version which is equally great.





And of course, Fat Fook has some different lovely Milk Tea variants everyone would sure to gobble down such as Wintermelon Milk Tea for the classic sweet fans, Matcha Milk Tea for all matcha lovers, Strawberry Milk Tea for the ever cute kids at heart, and Taro Milk Tea which is a wonderful pair for a meal.










As Fat Fook has hands down a lot of tasty dishes in their splendid menu, you can’t be blamed for wanting to take some home, if not all, so you have got to try the Sea Urchin Ball, the Taro Fish Ball, the Crab Roe Bun, and the Sakura Shrimp Cake which are Fat Fook’s Food To-Go.

Featured Branch: Robinson’s Galleria

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