Get stuffed with Lasagna and Chicken Wings from Matz Kitchen

If we could stay in the kitchen and eat as much pasta and chicken as we want, we would! Sure, we would ba stuffed, but that’s how much we just love pasta and chicken! Pasta is our favorite and chicken is our comfort food. These dishes just really make us feel homey, plus they are undeniably delish!

To have them individually guarantees a good day for us already, but to have them together? Oh, man, is it our birthday or something? That day is no doubt a great one, for sure. We love chicken and pasta day and we are not going to shy away from the table if those are the ones served, especially if they are of Matz Kitchen’s!

For pasta, Matz Kitchen has Lasagna and it is indeed saucy, tasty, meaty, and oh-so-cheesy! You can dig into this Lasagna in two sizes and those are Junior (Php 500) which is good for 3 to 4 people and Regular (Php 1200) which is good for 9 to 10 people. This Lasagna can be paired with their very own Herby Garlic Bread which you can enjoy. Just add Php 20 to have 4 strips or Php 50 to have 12 strips.

After digging into their Pasta, Matz Kitchen also has another drool-worthy dish and that is their Chicken Buffalo Wings. As we have mentioned, we love wings and these Chicken Buffalo Wings by Matz Kitchen are truly flavorful and tender. You can indulge in these by having 12 Pieces (Php 350) or 18 Pieces (Php 530).

Check out Matz Kitchen on their Facebook and Instagram Pages for more information. You can also reach them through Viber at 09153067408 if you have any inquiries.

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