Get work done over good food and good coffee with UCC Clockwork

Many find UCC Coffee Shops as a café for titallennials, a place where adult-adults go for a simple catch up or a lovely brunch to enjoy the extra time they have while millennials, the not-so-adult-adults, go crazy over finding the perfect work place slash café wherein they can have a great cup of coffee at the same time beat deadlines without the aching pressure of judge-y vibes and a ticking time bomb of a target date.

That being said, UCC has a café concept not only beautifully perfect, but actually curated and built for coffee lovers who are also in search for a lovely alternative co-working space that has industrial interiors which would make young, hardworking, ambitious people be in the zone of productivity and efficiency.

Starting this one with something that is of a kick that would be a great good morning for a well-functioning mind – the Barako (Php 140) is of Philippine Origin, specifically either from Batangas or Cavite, made by using the pour over method, making it highlight a strong taste that is also of earthly flavor and distinctively pungent aroma.   

Now, UCC may be known as a café, but what people might not know is that they also have delectable food options that is deliciously paired with some tasty coffee just like the Curry Pasta (Php 378) which is a hefty serving of a noodle dish that is tomato based with a taste of yummy curry, topped with bacon, parmesan, and onion, and served with garlic bread that is crispy and soft at the same time.  

As the garlic bread was really great, step up the bread game by having one of their sandwiches, the Clockwork. Monte Cristo (Php 338) is coated with pancake batter then deep-fried with sliced ham, American cheese, and served with fig jam which can be dipped in for more flavorful fun.

UCC Clockwork also has some healthy selections for the ones who are pursuing a healthy lifestyle like how the Arr-oats Caldo (Php 278) is actually a healthy alternative to the Filipino favorite “Arroz Caldo”, but rather than rice, this one is made with oatmeal, adobo floss, and boiled egg, making it rich in fiber and good for the heart. This one can be seasoned with calamansi and garlic flakes giving it more of that delicious umami taste!

For heavier dishes that comes with rice, the Cajun Prawns with Aligue Rice (Php 478) is surely one to go for as this one is of marinated Cajun prawns sautéed in butter garlic sauce, aligue rice, and mango salsa giving the palate a hint of sweetness in every spoonful.

Another rice dish that is definitely enjoyable is the Steak & Eggs (Php 698) which comes either in Asian or Western variant. The Asian variant having grilled U.S. Angus beef, kimchi rice for some spicy adventure, and two sunny side up eggs; would no doubt brighten up any day.

Of course, UCC Clockwork being a hip café for the young, some sweets such as lovely pastries that goes perfect with any coffee pairing you can think of that UCC Clockwork is offering is a great sugar punch for a more proficient relaxed work time such as the Green Tea Sansrival (Php 260) and the Nitro Draft (Php 200) which can either be Black or Creamy.

The Nipon (Php 210) is a wonderful, soft cheesy cheesecake that also has another tasty variant which is ube, and goes well with one of their Coffee Concoctions, the Judy on the Rocks (Hot Php 180 | Iced Php 200) which actually is named after one of their Coffee Masters and is made with salted honey on the rim, charcoal roasted coffee, and “On the Rocks” cream.

Other than those fabulous desserts, one that is also a must-try is UCC Clockwork’s Mango Crepe Samurai (Php 248) which is of bruleed mango crepe drenched in splendid creamy custard which is just perf with the fun, luscious coffee beverage, the Kori Kohi (Php 248) that is a galss of cold brew ice cubes, warm milk, and syrup.

Another single origin coffee drink that is made with the use of pour over method which UCC Clockwork has is the Costa Rica Juaguar Honey (Php 240). This one has the slight taste of a red wine, with a scent of raisin, an acidity that is of a grapefruit, sweetness of a ripe fruit, mouthfeel that is earthly, and a delightful after taste that is long sweet.

With tons of different drinks and dishes to choose from, UCC Clockwork also has some yummy cocktails that just gets more heavenly in every sip, much like their February special cocktail, the Strawberry Crush (Php 280) that is of vodka based and is of the pretty color which is a fun splash of pink.

UCC Clockwork undeniably knows how to make good coffee. There are a lot of ways to do coffee, but with UCC Clockwork, they offer their coffee with the use of only the best method for each in order for their diners and drinkers to enjoy not only their dining and drinking experience, but also their work time or study time which this café is built for.

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