Get Wowed: Treat Yourself with a Cup of Happiness from R&B Milk Tea

R&B Milk Tea has finally officially landed in the Philippines, all the way from Singapore!

All thanks to Shakey’s Pizza Asia Ventures, Inc., Filipinos can now get a taste of one of Singapore’s leading milkteas – R&B Milk Tea! R&B stands for Rex and Bruce, two IT guys who created the brand that now has more than a thousand stores across the globe. Amazing, right?

If you think that’s already amazing, then you better ready yourself for an R&B Milk Tea adventure as we got to have first dibs on their first ever branch beside Shakey’s Retiro. With the aim to redefine the tea experience today, R&B Milk Tea here in the Philippines will stick to its Singaporean roots all the while catering the Filipino palate. Wowing the market with fresh fruits and all-natural components, R&B Milk Tea’s tea-based drinks come in a number of series that will surely be able to cover their customers’ preferences.

Milktea, Fresh Milk, Macchiato, Coffee, Brewed Tea, and Fruit Tea – these are the five main series that R&B Milk Tea currently has; alongside some sinkers which can be added to their concoctions as well as a sugar level that could be adjusted based on preference. Wondering what we had on our first try with them? No need for you to stalk us, because we are telling you all about it anyway!

Of course, we did not think twice and went for a few of their recommended concoctions such as their Milk Tea with Brown Sugar Pearls with Cheese Brulee as well as their Strawberry Green Tea Macchiato. These two choices are perfect for when you want to be buzzing with energy as the sweetness, saltiness, and smokey tones of the Brown Sugar Pearls with Cheese Brulee (Regular Php 145 | Large Php 170) is such a lovely combination in one drink while the freshness and kick of Strawberry Green Tea Macchiato (Regular Php 120 | Large Php 145) is something new yet is already a favorite of ours!

Besides those two delectable drinks, we also got to try their Brown Sugar Boba Milk with Cheese Cream (Regular Php 145 | Large Php 170) which is a delightful choice of drink, especially if you are one to go crazy for milk and cheese; as well as their Devil’s Booster which is only currently available in Large (Php 165). This drink is not only energizing but is also loaded with Vitamin C as it is a blend of delicious citrus fruits that is absolutely healthy for you!

Aside from their premium selection, R&B Milk Tea prides itself in being the first milk tea store to have a drive thru. That’s right, there is no need for you to go down and order in the store nor wait for your order online and risk spilling them on the way to you as you could just conveniently drive your way to their store and order via drive thru, making it easier and more safe for you and your loved ones.

R&B Milk Tea has so many plans and surprises up their sleeve which they will soon share to everyone, one of which is bringing their drinks to more people all the while providing more opportunities to Filipinos, especially during this tough time we are all still trying to cope up with. So make sure to watch out for more from R&B Milk Tea as they only aim to not only share a cup of happiness to people, but also to be better than before, better than others, and better than expected!

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