Get your chicken cravings fixed by Cafe Amarela

Cafe Amarela is all about offering comfort food from different cuisines, and as chicken is one of our comfort food, we one day have found ourselves scrolling through Cafe Amarela’s wide selection of yummy dishes looking for some chicken options we could munch on. However, before we go for some chicken goodness, let’s first take a quick dive into their menu.

When we say Cafe Amarela’s menu has a wide selection, we really mean it They have Filipino classics, Italian favorites, American go-tos, Japanese yummies, Russian options, and a whole lot more. Surely, whatever it is you are drooling for, you will find something at Cafe Amarela to stop that drool with. These International dishes by Cafe Amarela also comes in ala carte and party trays, so whether you are alone, a pair, a small group, or even a big one is no issue. There is something for everyone!

Back to our search for some chicken choices – we have found quite a number of chicken dishes that surely got us excited, but we opted for only two so as to tease our taste buds and so us to leave more choices the next time we will be going for Cafe Amarela meal time. What were the two chicken yummies we went for? Well, they were none other than Amarela Fried Chicken and Mediterranean Chicken which are both available in party trays.

The Amarela Fried Chicken comes in party trays that are good for 5 to 6 people (Php 768) and for 10 to 12 people (Php 1518). This dish is of classic Filipino-style fried chicken so we surely got our fried chicken cravings in check, thanks to this one! Crunchy, tasty, and filling – definitely how we want our fried chicken to be!

Another chicken dish we had from Cafe Amarela, as we have mentioned, was the Mediterranean Chicken which is also available in party trays that are good for 5 to 6 people (Php 858) and 10 to 12 people (Php 1698). This one truly was like a party for our taste buds as the flavors were very present in every bite. We loved how delicious every mouthful of this dish was!

Cafe Amarela has more than just chicken dishes, that’s for sure. As we have talked about, they are offering International favorites in both ala carte and party tray options, so you better be ready for a whole lot of choices! Check out what you could have from Cafe Amarela by visiting their Instagram and Facebook Pages.

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