Get your hands on these special homecooked dishes by Fire Mama’s Kitchen

Ready to put your dining experience on fire? And by that we mean extra tasty, extra satisfying, and absolutely something that you would want to experience again. If your answer is yes, then you better not get up from where you are, because you will defintely get all those and more.

Fire Mama’s Kitchen is all about bringing generous servings of delish dishes to your table. Their offerings will have you enjoying heaping plates of meals that can be shared with your family.

Their Special Cha-Misua (Php 688 serves 4 to 6 people) is one of their delectable offerings that will turn your usual days into something more enjoyable, as this one is not just a symbol of long life, but also served during special days like birthdays and reunions. Cooked in their special sauce and always full of toppings, you bet all your plates are filled.

Meanwhile, if you are more of an adventurous individual when it comes to food, their Cheesy Tuna Fettuccine (Php 598 serves 5 to 6 people) has a kick of spice as it is also absolutely cheesy and filled with mushroom for some delightful taste and texture. Indeed, this one is such a great deal!

To know more about Fire Mama’s Kitchen, you can check them out on their Social Media Pages as they are available on both Instagram and Facebook. You sure will find a reason to order, so ready your tummies!

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