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Mexican food is almost everywhere in the world. It appeals to many eaters because it is packed with flavor and it uses fresh ingredients. In fact, Americans’ favorite cuisine is Mexican food. Like how Mexican food invaded the USA, Filipinos wholeheartedly welcomed tacos, nachos, and burritos in their table be it’s for the meal or for the snack.
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There are hundreds of restaurants continue sprouting in Quezon City. The opening of California Tacos Beach Bar has made Tomas Morato much more worth visiting. When partygoers wish a beach vibe in the city, this is the right place to hang out.

The chips of the Chips and Salsa (P200) is thick and crispy. The corned chips do not break off easily when bitten thus avoiding to have a messy table.
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The Super Nachos (P395) can make you choose the meat. It has heaping of chips, grated cheese, tomatoes, diced onions, drizzled with their signature sauce. The serving is quite big and is definitely good for sharing.
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The Super Fiesta Platter (P1,395) answers your barkada’s pica pica all night. It is packed with their best sellers like the carne steak asada, super nachos, super fries, super quesadilla, buffalo bites, cheese dippers and their signature salsa and dips.

The buffalo bites are crispy and the sauce gives the perfect flavor of the buffalo wings the public always love! Meanwhile, the cheese dippers are coated in a thick layer of batter with the surprising cheese from the inside that melts in your mouth. The cheese did surprise me because the food looks like a mini corn dog when it’s not yet eaten.
california tacos 5

The soft tacos (P195) in the whole wheat tortilla is brimming with lettuce, onions, tomatoes, grated cheese and a choice of your meat. Aside from their bestseller, carne steak asada, the cream dory fish fillet as your meat is a good attack into the exploration of seafood!
california tacos 6

The Mexican Rice Bowls is a bowl of their signature Mexican rice, topped with choice of boneless chicken flavored bites with a side of fresh lettuce. P220. Choice of white rice P180.

Their Mexican rice is fluffy with the hint of tomato flavor and with all the seasonings. It comes with fresh lettuce on the side and flavored chicken bites. All of the flavors tasted great but if I were to choose, I like the buffalo chicken and the teriyaki chicken.
california tacos 7

The Super Fries (P350) just like their super nachos, did not disappoint. It is oozing with cheese and their signature sauce. It is drizzled with onions, tomatoes, and meat of your choice.
california tacos 8

The Bad Burrito is 36 inches long! It’s a whole wheat flour tortilla filled with onions, tomatoes, grated cheese, their signature Mexican rice and choice of meat for P999. I did not get to try this but I assure you that it’s worth it.
california tacos 9

The Turon ala mode (P150) is served with four turrones, a banana swathed in lumpia wrappers cooked in melted sugar. It is topped with vanilla ice cream and powdered Graham crackers. I like that the taste is satisfying even without the chocolate sauce.
california tacos 10

Of course, the experience will never be completed without the drinks! Margaritas were served to us, hungry diners. From the classic style where the tang of lime calms your palate to the enhanced version of strawberry and the electric margarita. The frozen drinks are less intimidating than on the rocks, in my opinion.

Go fishing with this Shark Bite drinks for P300. Not kidding, there are blue sharks on this drink.
california tacos 14

Don’t be a pussy with Octopussy (P500).
california tacos 11

The murals, the coconut leaves, and the upbeat music makes everyone order drinks! Would you even believe that the people on the murals are real people? I even got to see two of them. So, if you want more reasons to stay up all night, visit California Tacos Beach Bar to have an awesome evening.

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Thanks to Always Hungry PH for inviting me over!

Facebook: California Tacos Beach Bar

California Tacos Beach Bar
Address: 117 B Scout Lozano Street, Sacred Heart, Quezon City
Contact Number: 02 2469069 ext:482
Hours of Operation: Wednesdays to Mondays, 5PM – 1AM, Closed on Tuesdays

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