Give in to your Seafood Cravings at Pier at Clawdaddy’s




Clawdaddy’s is widely-known with their generous servings of crabs, ribs, and other flavorful dishes. That sinfully saucy taste of each bite partnered with rice or mashed potato or even simply toasted bread. That stuff we consider as “guilty pleasures” that are totally worth the risk. Well you still gotta be careful, because no one wants to get blamed! Anyway, I’m not sure about you, but when it comes to these kinds of food, I prefer eating with bare hands.




Well, if you’re as adventurous as we are, make yourself ready for the dirtiest hands! Clawdaddy’s has more to offer other than the famous dishes we all are craving for. Our dinner experience in BGC satisfied our hunger for the whole the whole day!


As a starter, we had Claw Daddy’s Starter Sampler. A full platter of parmesan fries, buffalo wings, crispy lemon calamari, and mozzarella and vegie sticks. We also had a bowl of Asian Calamari Salad, a mix of salad greens, shredded cabbage and carrots, crispy calamari, red raddish, cucumbers, mango, sauced with sweet chili garlic vinaigrette.


The starters were huge servings, but it didn’t stop us to try their main courses. We had the St. Peters Crab, a large stir-fried crab seasoned with premium crab fat, fried garlic and chopped balut yolk.


Very tempting, right? Well, if you’re on a cholesterol watch-out, their BBQ Queen Platter would be just right for you. It’s a combination of their Kansas-style ribs, Hickory chicken, and Carolina slaw, served with mashed potato (which was yunmy, by the way) and a slice of delicious corn bread.


The Shrimp Pasta Diablo was my personal favorite. It’s spicy flavor would make you crave for a whole plate! This linguini pasta was well balanced by garlic shrimp, mushroom spinach, spicy tomato cream, and parmesan. Definitely a kind of a “must-try” and “something I would go back for”.

A slice of their Old Recipe Mudpie completed our dinner cravings. It is a chocolate and cashew-layered cake with melted mallows and dark chocolate ganache. This is actually their specialty dessert and one of the best desserts we’ve ever had.

Our wonderful experience wasn’t just the food. The place was also nice, featuring a lot of seafood displays as well as murals. Though they have a quite crowded place inside, it’s still a good place for friends and family to hang-out and enjoy their food. You can also dine peacefully outside where they cater customers with few more tables.

Clawdaddy’s is located at the B6, Bonifacio High Street, 9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City . View their full menu on Zomato (Clawdaddy’s), and follow them on IG (@pierarclawdaddys) and Facebook (Pier at Clawdaddy’s) for more details and updates!

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