Give me a break: Head onto Recess Food Alley once you hear those much-awaited-break-time-bells ringing!

Have you ever been asked that certain old-aged question, “What is your favorite subject?”? As far as we could go back down our memory lane, that question has raised up so many different answers but one has stood out among the others; and we know that that answer is not at all a subject, yet many could relate – break time or recess.

Many, including us, have answered that part of our schedule wherein we could just take a breather from everything that is happening, have a chat with our friends, catch up on our sleep, and our most favorite, stuff ourselves up with some delicious food – may it be cooked at home or store-bought.

With that, let’s take our palate to another food adventure, the Recess Food Alley in San Juan City. Open from 11AM to 10PM, Monday to Saturday, this food alley gives you 6 food establishments plus a bonus of collaborative offerings from each. For Recess Food Alley, we got to try 4 out 6 food establishments – Potato Corner, Uncle Moe’s, Moonleaf, and Chug.


Let us of course start with square one, an all-time favorite of almost everyone, Potato Corner. It has been famous for offering different size servings and flavors of fries. They have their classic flavors which are sour cream, barbecue, cheese, and chili barbecue.


Recently, though, they have explored and ventured into new flavors, adding rancho cheddar, truffle, sweet corn, caramel, and wasabi. Their latest offering is the Truffle Flavored fries, but not all Potato Corner stalls have that. Recess Food Alley is among the few to first offer this delicious flavor! Another great flavor to try out is their Rancho Cheddar – perfect for cheese lovers like us.


If you are up for more quick bites, do not hesitate to head onto Uncle Moe’s Express which is offering Shawarma and Kebab. Both can be ordered with pita or with rice. If you want a hand-held treat, then go for the pita, but if you want something more filling, then go with rice.


For Shawarma, you can choose from classic beef, classic all-beef, chicken, all-chicken, keema, cheesy keema, or 3 pieces of cheesy meatballs. While for Kebab, you can have 2 sticks of beef, 2 sticks of chicken, or 2 sticks which is a combination of both. You can also order an extra stick, extra rice, or an extra pita.


With this, what we had was Uncle Moe’s Express’ All Beef Shawarma Pita and Chicken Kebab. Both orders were flavorful and the meat of each dish was tender and easy to chew. Surely, both are food that are not only yummy, but satisfying as well.

As we had those tasty nomnoms from Potato Corner and Uncle Moe’s Express, of course we need something to wash those all down with and first to wash those dishes down are some beverages from Chug.

We got to try two of Chug’s beverage offerings which are House Blend Iced tea and Red Iced Tea. The House Blend Iced Tea was really tasting and refreshing, while their Red Iced Tea has a very light taste which is just the right partner for other food offerings that are here in Recess Food Alley.

Other than iced teas, Chug also offers canned beers and canned softdrinks – perfect for people who want to have some kick and spritz in their lives.

When you are still in pursuit of more flavorful beverages, go straight to Moonleaf as they have an array of different drinks that something would probably fit to your liking – hot tea, milktea, yakult series, special milktea, thai milktea, lemonade, coffee, fruit based teas, and a few more quenchers.

With Moonleaf, we got to sip three of their delectable drinks which are Ocean Sunrise, Lemon Wintermelon with Matcha Jelly, and Grass Jelly Wintermelon. The Ocean Sunrise was such a rejuvenating drink, it surely is a drink that would give you a power boost. Following that was the Lemon Wintermelon with Matcha Jelly; this drink is certainly a fun drink to slurp until the end, the subtle taste of matcha brought by matcha jelly is something you should not miss. Lastly, the Grass Jelly Wintermelon is served cold and has a light sweet taste, perfect for the tropical heat.

And so as we once again braved this delicious quest, we couldn’t deny how delicious the food we ate, how invigorating the beverages we drank, and how great of a time we spent here at Recess Food Alley. This adventure is something we would be glad to take on again, and hopefully, you go explore this wonderful dining place as well, especially this holiday season!


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