Give your palate more than just a taste of home, but a level up of much loved Pinoy Dishes by dining at Naimas

Being away from the city is such a tempting idea when everything feels wrong. Breathing in all that fresh air, enjoying that simple, light lifestyle, no wonder people go back to their province or get and stay at a rest house far from the city if they got the time. However, it is not that easy to drop everything and run back home when you are trying to make ends meet or even when you are just that career driven and ambitious – which actually is good.

Well, if that’s the case, then you can up and about because the closest thing you can get and definitely delight in are some tasty dishes that are no doubt provincial home-cooked meals which surely will give you that sense of provincial getaway you have always been missing.


Naimas doesn’t only you give you a taste of home, but actually takes your much loved Filipino dishes to another level with their great food selection that will undeniably wow you as it ranges from simple delectable fares such as their tawilis to rare finds like kambing and even baboy damo!








With a spacious place and interiors being casual, comfortable, somewhat having a rustic modern feel to it, surely you will have a laid-back, homey dining experience you will keep coming back to.



Easing into some heavy, delectable goodies, start your Naimas food adventure with their very own Fresh Chicharon that comes with the perfect dip which is the Sukang Iloco. The crackling sound plus the yummy taste of Sukang iloco is truly a wonder.



Another lovely way to start is certainly an easy favorite, the Naimas Nachos is like a tower of must-try fried wonton wrappers topped with some veggie, meaty, cheesy splurge!


Meanwhile, the Tokwa’t Bagnet is like the yin and yang of food, like a tricky riddle of whether it is a sin or not at all, but then again you are going to devour it anyway, especially when you got to dip it into its dip.


Follow that with some Gisaeng Balot which comes in a plate of three that surely ballot lovers or maybe even the ones who are not so much of a fan of ballot will rave for.

Crispy Tawilis with Green Mango Salad
Paksiw na Mata ng Tuna
Dagupan Boneless Bangus
Sweet & Sour Tilapia

Onto some dishes highlighting the generous bounty from the sea, the Crispy Tawilis with Green Mango Salad, the Paksiw na Mata ng Tuna, the Dagupan Boneless Bangus which is a new addition, and the Sweet & Sour Tilapia are just a few of the lovely delicacies, uniquely sporting their own delicious flavors!


Another dish starring one of the sea’s gifts, that is also a favorite of many, is the Hipon sa Aligue that is oozing with savory flavors alongside a hint of a buttery taste.

Pinatisang Baka

Next dishes are of some beefy goodness, especially one of their bestsellers, the Pinatisang Baka is undeniably a dish that is worth ordering more than once!



And of course, this one coming up is a dish that is of two classic Pinoy dishes combined together, the Sinigang na Bulalo is really a yummy wonder.



For some healthier option, Naimas’ Sizzling Litid is so fun to eat as each mouthful gives your palate a funky, good bite with some sweet and savory blend.


After having beef, you might also want to get to try or better yet, you should absolutely try their dishes that are of pork! Their Bicol Express is just a delightful plate of tender pork and greens that you should not miss out on.

Crispy Pata
Crispy Pata
Naimas Bagnet


Meanwhile, for some tender and crispy adventure, their Crispy Pata and their bestseller trademark dish, the Naimas Bagnet are such heavenly dishes that your palate will hands down enjoy and thank you for!


Sinampalukang Kambing
Nateng Platter
Pancit Canton Bilao
Pancit Canton Bilao

Now, you would think you already had enough, but you still have a lot more to gobble down here at Naimas, such as the Sinampalukang Kambing which has an intense flavor that would no doubt go well with rice, the Nateng Platter which is a veggie loaded plate that goes best with its dips, the padas which is a bagoong isda, and the sukang iloco, and the Pancit Canton Bilao which ten folks would indeed get a fill of!


Heading onto sealing this awesome, mouth-watering deal with a sweet treat, Naimas has Mango Tapioca which is just downright delectable with it being milky, fruity, and creamy that brings so much freshness and has a subtle sweetness to it in every spoonful.

Other than these all-out great-tasting dishes you have got to indulge yourself with, there is still a lot to look forward to with Naimas as they are brewing something for the night crowd. Enjoy wines, beers, and even cocktails until the break of dawn or better yet give yourself that much needed chill time right after work as Naimas’ Happy Hour starts at 7PM ‘til closing from which you get to down 5 bottles of beer with your best buds!

Address: 97 Epifanio de los Santos Ave, Ground Floor, SM Light Mall, EDSA Corner Madison Street, Buayang Bato, Mandaluyong City 

Contact Number: (02) 960 6797

Hours of Operation: 10AM to 10PM

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