Go big on your milk tea game with The Big 1

This Big 1 is making some really big noise as every one has been slurping big cups of the ever-crazed about beverage, the milk tea. If you definitely are a milktea fan, you certainly will want to have more than just a taste of this one!

The Big 1 has been established way back 2017 and ever since, they have known to be serving huge cups of beverages that would not only refresh your stressed mind, body, and soul, but also make your craving taste buds satisfied and your grumpy, hungry tummies full.

With the owner having passion for drinks, he decided to open up his humble business until it grew into so much more. Starting with only seven flavors, they now have expanded into twenty-five with two new lines to watch out for and drink up.

Lemonade (1L Php 60 | 70 ML Php 50)

Enough teasing, more into plunging, shall we? Let’s start sipping on their juice options first such as their Lychee Tea (1L Php 80 | 70ML Php 70) and their Lemonade (1L Php 60 | 70 ML Php 50) that would really both have you zinging with energy!

Yakult Lemonade (1L Php 80 | 70ML Php 70)

Mix that up with your fave childhood probiotic drink, Yakult, and we are sure you are going to adore every sip you do. Their Yakult Lemonade (1L Php 80 | 70ML Php 70) and their Passion Fruit Yakult (1L Php 90 | 70ML Php 80) would bring back fond childhood memories as if everything was just yesterday and life is all about fun and candies.

Strawberry Marble Milk (70ML Php 120)

To further enjoy your childhood memories, do not think twice into ordering and having their Strawberry Marble Milk (70ML Php 120). The combination of milk and strawberry is really a wonderful taste bringing to lovely snack times back when you were a kid.

And now, for the real deal: their milk tea goodness! Better grab their lip-smacking good Choco Milk Tea (1L Php 90 | 70ML Php 80) with cream cheese (+Php 25) because this one is a total bomb that would bring a luscious explosion.

Black Sugar Boba Milk (1L Php 120 | 70ML Php 110)

Also, cut yourself some slack and treat yourself with The Big 1’s new series which are the Matcha Series in which you can get their Matcha Milk Tea Classic (1L Php 100 | 70ML Php 90) and their Matcha Milk Tea (1L Php 100 | 70ML Php 90) with cream cheese (+Php 25) as well as the Boba Milk Series in which you will be able to snatch their Black Sugar Boba Milk (1L Php 120 | 70ML Php 110).

The Big 1, for a long time, has actually only been serving 1L, but first-timers get overwhelmed with the size, so of course, now they got 70ML for all the folks out there who want it not-so-big. True to its name, The Big 1 is a big one, especially now that they are actively experimenting in regards to new flavors as well as expanding their reach, having presence at SM Fairview; Victory Mall, Libertad; SM San Lazaro; SM Megamall; and Sea Scape.

Also, if you are so into milk teas, The Big 1 is open for franchising and you could reach them via their mobile number which is 09359661541.

Follow The Big 1 on their Social media page:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thebigonemainoffice/

Featured Branch: The Big 1, Sea Scape Village

Address: Atang Dela Rama, Pasay, Metro Manila

Contact Number: 0946 251 7483

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