Go Big or Go Home: Get a Chance to Win a Giant Toblerone Bar in 7-Eleven’s Newest Promo!

Toblerone celebrates 35 years of Twogetherness with 7-Eleven by hosting their biggest raffle draw ever!

I admit. I am a bona fide sweet tooth. That’s why chocolate, in almost all forms, flavors and sizes, will forever hold a place in my heart. From the classic milk chocolate bars to the nougat-filled ones, I would often look forward to tearing the shiny foil and just biting into that rich and creamy bar. So much for being prim and proper.

And when you talk about nougat-filled chocolates, the first thing that comes to mind is a good ol’ Toblerone bar.

Toblerone chocolate has been around for as long as I can remember. You can even find them practically everywhere: your friendly neighborhood grocery store or even at that convenience store down the corner. And the biggest convenience store in the country by far is none other than 7-Eleven.

A solid and sweet partnership to say the least, Toblerone and 7-Eleven have been together for 35 years, with the intention of making this confectionery delight easy and convenient for anyone to pick up as a snack or gift. And it works for any occasion because they even make customized packaging depending on the holiday! Nothing says “Merry Christmas”, “Happy Valentine’s Day” or “Happy Mother’s Day” like a bar of personalized chocolate after all!

“Our partnership with 7-Eleven has been nothing but sweet, and we wanted to celebrate this unforgettable milestone by giving our loyal customers the chance to share the sweetness through this special promo,” Ros Fajardo, Key Accounts Manager of Mondelez Philippines, the distributor of Toblerone in this country said.

To kick off the anniversary celebration on a grand scale, Toblerone and 7-Eleven brought out the big guns with their grandest promo yet. That’s right— 2,600 lucky 7-Eleven customers get a chance to win GIANT Toblerone bars in their latest e-raffle draw.

And I mean really big bars!

4.5 kilos of Chocolate!

How big is big? Each bar weighs almost 10 pounds. That’s enough to feed a family… or more! These bars are so rare, that they’ve only been made for this contest. You can’t find these anywhere (trust me, I’ve tried).

During the celebration, two lucky guests were given the chance to bring home their own GIANT Toblerone bar for themselves in a simulated raffle draw. So happy for them!

To qualify for the grand draw, all you need to do is buy participating Mondelez Philippines products like Toblerone and Cadbury Dairy Milk from any 7-Eleven store in the Philippines.

Each purchase comes with a corresponding set of entries, which you can find here:

Participating Mondelez
Philippines Product
Number of Entries
per Purchase
Toblerone 100g (Any Flavor)5 entries
Toblerone 50g3 entries
Toblerone 35g2 entries
Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut 100g4 entries
Cadbury Dairy Milk Coffee 100g4 entries
Cadbury Dairy Milk Milk Chocolate 65g3 entries
Cadbury Dairy Milk Bubbly 50g3 entries
Cadbury Dairy Milk Lickables 20g4 entries

At the back of your receipt of purchase, just write your full name, complete address, contact numbers and finish off with your signature.Drop it inat designated drop boxes in 7-Eleven stores nationwide, and you’re good to go!

Look for these drop boxes in your nearest 7-Eleven store!

Better hurry! The raffle is only from May 8 to July 30, 2019. So head on over to your nearest 7-Eleven store and snag a sweet treat for yourself!

For more details on their promo, you can visit any 7-Eleven store nationwide or log on to http://www.tobleroneph.com.

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