Go #EverydayItalian only at Pomodoro Pizza Pasta Kitchen

Kapitolyo is a well-known food strip in Makati that has restaurants and establishments that of different offerings. One of which is a quaint and pretty Italian restaurant that stands in one of its corners and definitely is one worthy of returning to.

Pomodoro Pizza Pasta Kitchen is a 30-seater beautiful Italian restaurant, perfect for intimate eat outs with the people close to your heart, which actually has been founded by a pair of delightful people who just wanted to have a place where they can eat their all-time fave dish, the pizza, without burning a hole in their pockets.

As pizza is mostly seen by Filipinos as a celebratory food, one of their aims is actually for the Filipino people to be able to afford it and have the chance to fill themselves up with it every day, if they want to, hence their pricing is truly living up to their hashtag: #EverydayItalian.

Mentioning pizza, you probably can’t wait to see how theirs are, but first, let’s skip it as we are going to take a look and have a taste of their pasta dishes which all are served with tasty garlic herbed focaccia bread. Their Lasagna (Php 159) which has a meaty pomodoro sauce, cream, and cheese; their Pasta Tartufo (Php 149) which is a truffle pasta with mushroom and cream; and their Pesto con Pollo (Php 139) which has house pesto and chicken are just a few of their pasta dishes that will have your palate satisfied, if not teased for more.

Having a bit of chicken, don’t hesitate to jump onto their chicken wings next, especially the Srirachamansi Wings (1/2 pound Php 219) which is a variant of their wings that is packed with an explosive yummy flavor in each bite! Better try out their different variants as well such as plain, salted egg sauce, hickory bbq, basil parmesan, and picante sauce.

After having some chicken, you sure will be craving for more and so do not even hesitate into ordering their Chicken Parmigiano (Php 219) which is a hearty plate of breaded chicken with pomodoro sauce, torched mozzarella and parmesan, alongside crisp salad and of course, rice.

Another filling and delicious main dish that you could have here at Pomodoro is their Burger Steak (Php 229) which is a sumptuous order of two beef patties with flavorful herbed gravy, together with crisp salad, and rice.

And of course, enough with all that teasing, let’s cut the chase and just drop the delicious bomb that is Pomodoro’s pizza dishes which are available in size 10 and size 12 inches and cooked in a brick oven. Their Quattro Formmagi Regolare (Php 219 | Famiglia Php 279) which is a four-cheese pizza will have any cheese lover’s heart in a snap as this one is made with mozzarella, cheddar, romano, and parmesan.

While for a meaty pizza variant, be sure to go with their Pepperoni Pizza Regolare (Php 179 | Famiglia Php 219) that is slathered with pomodoro sauce and topped with pepperoni. While their Pizza Bianca Regolare (Php 199 | Famiglia Php 259) which has mushroom, truffle, and leeks is a heavenly creamy nomnom that is hard to forget!

For some sweets, Pomodoro has a lip-smacking good choco treat which is no other than their Brownie Amore (Php 119). This one is a luscious plate of moist, chocolatey brownie, topped with vanilla ice cream, and drizzled with chocolate syrup.

And to refresh your parched self, you are no doubt so going to love their homemade Calamansi Cucumber (Php 59 | Php 139) that is really a great pair to any Pomodoro dish of your choice!

With that, Pomodo is truly a must-try restaurant in Kapitolyo, especially they continue to experiment with their dishes and they continue to release tasty additions that they know their diners will love as the owners themselves love it as well.

Besides that, Pomodoro has loyalty cards that allow you to avail a certain free dish of theirs in every third dining experience with them. Plus, they also have 500-peso gift certificates which you can get for ony Php 450 – total steal!

Follow Pomodoro on their Social Medua Pages below:

Facebook: https://www.febook.com/PomodoroPizzaPH/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/pomodoropizzaph/

Address: 7 San Rafael St, Pasig, Metro Manila

Contact Number: 0956 930 9318

Hours of Operation: Mondays to Sundays, 11AM to 11PM

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