Go for mango yummies by Rosemango

We just can’t deny that our love for mangoes goes beyond the mango season – it’s an all-year-round kind of thing and we are not ashamed to admit that! Give us some mangoes and we sure will be digging into that in no time. It’s fruity, sweet, and delectable taste just got us hooked ever since we were kids and we know you feel the same way, too.

On our hunt for some mango goodies, we found Rosemango and from their name, you can already say that they are a lover of mangoes as well! Seeing what they are offering, we were not able to stop ourselves from trying what’s in their menu and at first we only had their Signature Aburi Sushi Bake (9” x 7” Php 650) which is of bacon, kani, cheese, Rosemango’s special sauce, and of course, mangoes! What we enjoyed with this one is the tinge of sweetness that goes well with the savor of the whole dish.

After having a great time with that savory dish, we then moved onto a sweet yet heavy goodie, and that is none other than their Mango Sticky Rice (Single Php 180 | Double Php 300) which comes in three variants, namely pandan rice, plain rice, and ube rice. This adorable-looking treats sure are sumptuous at the same time heavy to the belly.

Helping us down those mango yummies is a drink that is of course of mango, too – their Mango Sago (250ml Php 160 or get 4 for Php 600 | 500ml p 300 or get 2 for Php 550) which arguably can be a drink or a dessert. Either way, what you will be delighting in is a bottle filled with house blended mango puree, milk and cream, tapioca, and of course, mango slices!

And if you have extra space in your tummy… Actually, scratch that, because we are sure you are going to try and make space for their offering of Egg Tarts that comes in three options – Original Egg Tart (Php 240), Mango Egg Tart (Php 260), and Mixed (Php 250). This scrumptious delicacy sure will have you addicted and reaching for it until all you want to do is order another batch.

Rosemango has been wowing their customers with everything they have, and so if you want to be wowed, too, then message your order form at their Facebook and Instagram Pages, because really, they are just waiting for you!

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