Go Loco Over KFC’s Newest Snack: the Chaco!

What do you get when you put together a chicken and a taco? The answer: a Chaco!

Remember the Double Down? A burger made with chicken fillet instead of burger buns with gooey cheese and bacon sandwiched in between for mouthwatering, meaty goodness?

Well, KFC is at it again with out-of-this-world, unique creations that put them on a whole new level in the fast food playing field! From their Famous Bowl, which is loaded with assorted KFC goodies to their Original Recipe Cracklings— crunchy bites of chicken, these creative minds now bring you their newest and boldest mash-up ever!

Now say “ay, caramba!” as KFC goes Mexican with the Chaco!

Last May 7, KFC launched the Chaco in their Liberty branch along Shaw Boulevard, where bloggers, media partners, and up-and-coming influencers got to try their newest product in a Mexican-themed event. Fun activities like decorating your own sombrero, taking stop motion photos with quirky props at their photo booth, and the abundance of KFC snacks up for grabs kept everyone busy til the grand reveal.



And what a grand reveal that was! The Chaco was presented… and get this. It had no taco shell at all!


Now you might be just as shell-shocked, but don’t be! The Chaco is made with KFC’s Original Recipe chicken fillet, which is then filled with shredded lettuce, tangy salsa, some creamy mayo and corn. A generous helping of grated cheese complete the festive look to give you an authentic taco flavor paired with deliciously soft meat!


The Chaco is available starting May 9, and you can get it in these awesome ways:

  1. Ala Carte Chaco: PHP99
  2. Chaco with Fries and Drink: PHP145
  3. Chaco Fully Loaded (with 1 piece Chicken and Spaghetti): PHP219

What are you waiting for? Go to the nearest KFC branch and try the Chaco for yourself. Trust me, it’s a fiesta in your mouth that will make you go #LocoOverChaco!


PS: Keep your eyes peeled on May 13, as KFC presents to you their newest Colonel— the first from the Philippines!


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