Go on a Sweet Eggscapade with Yourself or Crack your Friends or Family Up at Eggs for Breakfast Café

With only a shy hour away drive from Manila, Antipolo might just be your next safe haven. Offering a breathtaking view that will make you grateful and a cool breeze that could somehow wipe your troubles away, this city in Rizal can definitely be your refuge.

Antipolo has been making a name in beautiful restaurant and café concepts that anyone would be enticed to try out – not only because of the ‘grammable interiors and design, but also because of the delicious, colorful palate that would satisfy your cravings and what might just be your dull feed.

In your quest for tranquility and happiness, you should never forget to eat your breakfast. Good thing there is a modest all day breakfast place in the wonderful city of Antipolo – the Eggs for Breakfast Café. The Eggs for Breakfast Café is a marriage of rustic-industrial and great outdoor scenery. With soothing lively plants that can be seen from the inside, together with huge windows that welcomes the the bubbly aura from a bright new day, this café is such a gorgeous place to be in. But what’s a beautiful place without delicious food to dig in, right? We don’t know the answer to that because Eggs for Breakfast Café have us checking both Instagram-worthy interior and delectable food!


As this Café is called Eggs for Breakfast Café, we think it’s just right to start this another food adventure with their Classic Omelette with Tomatoes. This one gives you just the right protein to get you going with your day; surely a healthy way to start a wonderful morning without you being cray-cray.


For a more power up, have some carbs by munching on their Grilled Cheese with Tomato Soup. In the company of American Cheddar and Parmesan Cheese sandwiched between grilled whole wheat bread, and paired with fresh tomato soup that comes with pesto, you will definitely have the oomph to carry out your to-do list or even your not-to-do list.


If you feel like you need more energy to go about your day, don’t worry we have more carbs coming your way. Why don’t you order Eggs for Breakfast Café’s White Truffle Carbonara? It’s fettuccine pasta tossed in white truffle oil infused cream, with parmesan cheese, topped with crispy bacon bits and shitake mushrooms. This one is certainly a lip-smacking dish, perfect for the hungry you!


However, if you’re way past the hungry stage, as you are already hangry (hungry + angry), don’t fret, because we have two dishes from Eggs for Breakfast Café’s The League of Champions selection, where you belong, coming right up – Beef Tapa and One Pan Breakfast.

Get your meat fix with 110 grams of Australian beef sirloin marinated in their own tapa mixture, served not just with one egg, but two eggs, a load of garlic rice, and their homemade atchara. Eggs for Breakfast Café’s Beef Tapa will really fill your hungry tummy and lift up your angry mood.


If you need or want more than that, the One Pan Breakfast could be your soulmate! The One Pan Breakfast is the Eggs for Breakfast Café’s version of the classic Full English Breakfast; it’s an entire platter consisting of two sausages (Hungarian and Shublig), two thick cut honey cured bacon, lovely baked beans, fresh sliced tomatoes, roasted potatoes, shitake mushrooms, and of course, two eggs. This dish will either beat you or you’ll beat it as you really are a champion in life!

With hearty and hefty servings of dishes, Eggs for Breakfast Café also offers drinks that would give you not only just a push, but a boost – either in the form of a zesty smoothie or a kick of invigorating coffee and tea.


Together with the vibrant, splendid sunshine, Eggs for Breakfast Café’s Yellow Smoothie is the right pair to elevate more of your vibe up. With pineapple, mangoes, and bananas; this one is the perfect mishmash of fruity and sweetness all blended into one reviving drink.


A mug of love and/or life is what coffee lovers describe their favorite drink; and Eggs for Breakfast Café’s Latte would explain to you why. Try out this espresso x steamed milk drink of theirs while you enjoy the magnificent moment that is of aroma and taste.


Perfect partnered with a stimulating drink is Egg for Breakfast Café’s Banana Nutella Crepe. Give yourself a break and devour this crepe filled with ripe bananas and vanilla ice cream, topped with nutella and toasted nuts for that chocolatey and crunchy experience.


With all the food we’ve shown you, you would think this is all there is to Eggs for Breakfast Café. You’re wrong on that note, Sweetie, because this charming café has so much more to offer. In the name of hefty servings and beautiful breakfast plates, make sure to go early or book ahead because this place get filled up easily, particularly on weekends when everyone is trying to have a downtime.

Have a delightful eggxperience at Eggs for Breakfast Café; visit them at Velada Estate, 21 Don Juan Street, Villa Cecilia Subdivision, Lower Antipolo, Mambugan, Lower, Antipolo, Lalawigan ng Rizal.

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