Go uber loco over Wildflour’s Ube Jam!

There is just something anout ube that makes everyone go loco, right? Others may have been hooked because of its adorable color, but we all know it is because of its distinct yummy taste that goes really with desserts, especially patries! Speaking of ube desserts… if you are a fan of Wildflour and their selection of ube yummies like ube custard cake, ube tres leches, and ube bomboloni which you can all enjoy in your home as it is available for delivery, do know that the ube behind all those is now also up for grabs by the jar!

Photo by Wildflour

Yes, as wordy as that one is, you read it right! Wildflour is now offering bottles of fresh ube jam through Wildflour-To-Go!

Photo by Wildflour

This one is a perfect addition to your pantry, especially when you just can’t get enough of ube. You can indulge in Wildflour’s Ube Jam for Php 390 pero 220 grams. If you think a spoonful of it is already great, then think about all the ubefied treats you can make! Just imaging digging into ube pancakes, ube leche flans, ube cakes, and even ube pandesals which you can add cheese on and turn into ube cheese pandesals which almost everyone is currently raving about!

And so, now that your thoughts are filled with all things ube… why don’t you go online and order Wildflour’s Ube Jam this instant? Or maybe add more Wildflour delectable items before checking out, huh? You can place your order through Wildflour-To-Go’s official website.

Here is a list of Wildflour branches ready to cater your needs and wants, alongside their corresponding numbers and hours of operation:

Photo by Wildflour

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Instagram of Wildflour-To-Go: https://instagram.com/wildflourtogo/

*Featured Photo by Wildflour

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