Gobble down some crispy wings and get in the zone with Wing Zone!

Specializing in deep-fried products while highlighting their delicious buffalo wings, would you believe that Wing Zone actually started in pursuit of satisfying some college munchies?




Well, let us first tell you a story of how two college buds who are studying in the University of Florida had a dilemma which was they were looking for an alternative to pizza for students pulling off an all-nighter or buzzing from late night munchies. With that, those two college buddies, namely Matt and Adam, developed the concept of Wing Zone that opened so many doors for them – literal doors of the dorms of other college students whom they are delivering to and figuratively speaking, doors of great business opportunities.



And so, as Wing Zone started to boom, it has also finally reached the Philippines! What is even more fun is that they put some twist in their flavors that would hit the hearts of every Pinoy.


First on the mishmash of heavenly chicken wings and Pinoy pride is an order of Adobo Wings which comes in 6 pieces. This one is like Chicken Adobo but with that crunch fun adventure in every bite – the spice, the sweetness, and the savory of the flavor is oozing in each chicken wing which we can’t really say no to.


Following that is an order of Sisig Wings which is also served with 6 pieces of wings. Sisig is a classic comfort food, if not a trademark of every drinking sesh, in every Filipino home. Mixing it up a little and having some Sisig Wings is something that we never knew we needed in our lives until we got to try just recently.


Partnering that with some Wing Zone’s Onion Rings is such an extra poppin’ order. We mean, an order of Sisig Wings, together with Onion Rings? That surely is a combination one should not really let the opportunity of having pass.


Another combo you should not let go of is an order of Adobo Wings, plus an order of Jalapeño poppers. With the taste of the Adobo Wings already an adventure, adding some jalapeño poppers which bring more punch of spice in your order is an added challenge you should not back out on!


And of course, being Filipino means you have rice for blood… just kidding, but you know what we mean, right? Rice has always been a table staple in every Filipino meal so it’s just tight to try out Wing Zone’s combination of an order of Adobo Wings and an order of the trusty carb-filled rice.


As we have gobbled down all those tasty, crispy chicken wings and few more, we got to have two orders of Wing Zone’s famous Housemade Kettle Chips. Wing Zone has done a really delicious job with their Kettle Chips and so who would say no to these? No one. No. One. NO. ONE. HAS. THE. RIGHT. TO. SAY. NO. TO. THESE. We mean, we’re not mad, but why would you even say no, right?


To wash all those down, we had two fun drinks from Wing Zone, one of which is their yummy Chocolate Shake. This one is lipsmacking good – like a dessert in a glass – that we are more than happy to have even every day!


If you want a healthier alternative, but still wanting that sugar rush, do not fret because Wing Zone has their Mango Shake ready for you! Get some energy boost by sipping on this one and your senses will surely be awaken.


Who would have thought that in the hopes to solve some munchies-related problem, a scrumptious concept was born, right? Wing Zone has certainly gone a long way now, considering they have even reached The Land of the Orient Seas already. Plus, having some flavors inspired from Filipino classics will get the crowd fall in love with them even more than they already are!

Featured Branch: Glorietta 1, Top of the Glo – Roofdeck

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