Godel Chocolate: Taste the best quality bean-to-bar chocolate

Did you guys just say chocolate? Well, you better be ready for Godel Chocolate because they surely have brought our chocolate experience to the next level as they adhere to the fundamentals of chocolate making while not only creating excellent products that are simple in formulation, but also packed with flavors that truly make chocolate delightful as well as delectable. Indeed, Godel Chocolate has been keeping their promise of bean-to-chocolate-unwrapped experience through and through.

Believe it or not, Godel Chocolate first started with providing top quality tools and equipment for the advancement of chocolate making industry here in the Philippines, as at its core, they are a solutions-based company. As time went by, though, Godel Chocolate realized that coming out with their own line of products does not only made so much sense, but is also a way for them to truly and further understand chocolate.

Godel Tablea Chocolate used in Champorado

As that is the case, while Godel Chocolate gains more knowledge about the craft, they also promise to share their know-how and experiences to budding entrepreneurs as it is actually their dream to help create a new movement of Philippine chocolate makers and enthusiasts. Such an amazing and exciting endeavor, right? Being we are chocolate lovers as well, we were definitely excited when we learned about Godel Chocolate—the work they do and the products they have.

Speaking of the products they have, we were fortunate to have indulged in not just one, not even two, but six! That’s right, we got a hold of six Godel products and spoiler alert: we are certainly amazed at the diversity and range of chocolate, specifically cacao, that Godel Chocolate highlighted. We never knew chocolate can be so much more than a comforting snack.

Godel Tablea Chocolate used in Champorado

Of course, the first step to our Godel Chocolate journey was to try out their Classics. Their Classic Bean-To-Bar Chocolates definitely did not disappoint as this actually comes in 70% Chocolate (40g Php 75 | 100g Php 190), 50% Chocolate (40g Php 75 | 100g Php 190), and 50% Milk Chocolate (40g Php 75 | 100g Php 190), so don’t get overwhelmed because Godel Chocolate has your chocolate preference covered too!

Aside from their Bars, Godel Chocolate also has Cacao Nibs (40g Php 55 | 250g Php 285) and Cacao Tea (Loose Leaf 100g Php 100 | Tea Bags 10x5g Php 165) up for grabs! These two are perfect to start your day with—wake up your mind with their tea and munch on their nibs while you are going through a productive morning.

Godel Chocolate is really bringing the Philippine chocolate scene up a notch as they have actually recently opened their doors at SM North EDSA. Here we were able to snatch a few of their latest products such as Choco Caramel Cake, Chocolate Mousse, and Cacao Jelly.

Choco Caramel Cake

Their Choco Caramel Cake is an 8×8 moist chocolate cake with caramel and chocolate topping. This luscious treat is made with Godel Chocolate’s very own Tablea 100% and 50% Chocolate.

Chocolate Mousse

Meanwhile, their delectable and addicting Chocolate Mousse is made with Godel Chocolate’s Tablea Sweetened; and their yummy and enjoyable Cacao Jelly in rich, sweet cream is made with Godel Chocolate’s Cacao Tea. Impressive, right?

Chocolate Mousse

What did we tell you—Godel Chocolate continues to bring their A game when it comes to chocolate making and production. Their products are truly astounding as each has shown range while also highlighting the greatness of Philippine cacao.

Know more about Godel Chocolate—their work and products—by visiting their Facebook, Instagram, and Website. Enjoy!

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