Going loco over KDrama? Call Kko Kko now and have Korean nomnoms delivered at your doorstep!

Don’t even deny it. We caught you already! We’re almost four weeks into this enhanced community quarantine and we all know you have been binge watching all the KDramas you could get your hands on. Tell us what KDrama is currently effing up your body clock… Is it Crash Landing on You? Itaewon Class? Vagabond? Kingdom? Which is it?! Tell us, because we want recommendations, too!

KDramas are so easy to love, aren’t they? We have read somewhere that it is so easy to get hooked on Kdrama because it makes the mundane things extra special like holding hands, stealing cutesie glances, and even the anticipation of the pair’s first kiss. We also read that KDramas really proves that the small things are the big things that’s why people relate to it so much. How about you… Are you in for the thrill? For the cute cast? For the kilig? What actually are you looking for in a KDrama?

Anyway, other than those, we think KDrama also opens the eyes of the watchers to how the life and the culture of the Koreans are, specifically their food. Don’t deny it again! We know those food scenes make you drool and wish so hard you are in Korea at that moment eating with the cast. 

With that, if you are about to start a whole another KDrama, we recommend you call up Kko Kko first to have some Korean yummies delivered to your doorstep and eat your feels while watching. Ease your way with their Sotteok Sotteok, Beef Kimbap, and Chicken Kimbap. These delectable bites will sure jumpstart your KDrama binge watching to a yummy level!

And as the plot thickens, grab yourself their Tteokbokki. Don’t worry and don’t panic when everything in the show starts to be messy, because you could mix whatever you are feeling with their Beef Bulgogi Bibimbap as well as Chicken Bulgogi Bibimbap. Mix all those until you feel like finally digging into it and eating away the mess and stress the show’s story has caused you.

Finally, just when the show is about to reach its end, reach for Kko Kko’s offering Korean Fried Chicken, especially the variants Snow Cheese and Garlic Parmesan. The flavors in each Korean Fried Chicken will wow you and hype you up of what the ending will be; and when you are finally near the end or even when you already what the end is going to be, relive the story and the tasty adventure with their KFC Oh My Garlic, because this is a treat of Korean faves like their fried chicken and sotteok sotteok.

With that, and as the extension of enhanced community quarantine until the 30th of April has been officially announced, know that Kko Kko Kapitolyo branch can have all these yummies delivered right at your doorstep through LalaFood, FoodPanda, and of course GrabFood.

Do check out their delivery menu below:

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