Golden Whisk promises a delicious golden experience, that’s for sure!

Got a special occasion coming up? Want something extra to end your meal time with your loved ones? Golden Whisk is the way to go! Offering bespoke treat as well as custom cakes and pastries, Golden Whisk has been giving their customers the golden experience that only they could provide!

As we did not have anything special to celebrate and we just wanted something to make ourselves feel extra loved, we decided to have a few of Golden Whisk’s classics. Golden Whisk has been putting the spotlight on their custom cakes recently, but do know that they also have some staples that will surely catch your attention, because it definitely, did catch ours!

Their Ultimate Chocolate Cake is available in 6” (Php 650) and in 8” (Php 1000) which is perfect for when you want it all to yourself or you got company to treat. This delicious cake is a moist chocolate cake filled with mouthwatering dulce de leche, covered with decadent chocolate ganache, and drizzled with caramel syrup. Absolutely yum, right?

Aside from their Ultimate Chocolate Cake, another Golden Whisk crowd favorite is none other than their mouthwatering Revel Bars (Box of 16 Php 450)! This one is of gooey, chewy, and crunchy chocolate goodness in oatmeal crust. This goodie is a must-try, we are telling you!

The third and last Golden Whisk product we had was their selection of Gourmet Cookies Special! They have 5 scrumptious flavors ready for taking, and you surely should not say pass on them.

They have Chocolate Overload (Box of 5 Php 325) which is of chocolate cookie dough, dark chocolate chunks, and Callebaut Belgian chocolate chips; Cornflakes Crunch (Box of 5 Php 325) which is of vanilla cookie dough, cornflakes crunch, marshmallow, and dark chocolate chunks; Cowboy (Box of 5 Php 325) which is of oatmeal cookie dough, coconut flakes, pecan, and dark chocolate chunks; Sea Salt Fruits & Walnut (Box of 5 Php 325) which is of cinnamon cookie dough, dried cranberries, dried mango, walnuts, sea salt, and bittersweet chocolate chunks; as well as Queso Blanca (Box of 5 Php 325) which is of queso de bola cookie dough, dried blueberries, and Callebaut white chocolate chips.

Certainly, Golden Whisk is at the top of their game and their customers could attest to that. Continuously producing quality products and wow-worthy custom cakes, you really should not be missing out on all these yummies, for sure!

Find out more about Golden Whisk and their works by checking out their Facebook and Instagram Pages. To order, you can drop them a message or reach them via Viber at 09175303692.

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